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11th September, through the eyes of a student

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A few years ago, 4th of July served to be the pinnacle of American Nationalism. I’ve been lucky enough to witness the celebration of the events and I can say with ease, Americans know how to celebrate their national day. If living in Sweden has taught me anything, it is that being patriotic does not actually help anyone; however, it is safe to say that Americans are still far away from this concept.

All of this changed after the events of 9/11 and even though things seem to appear better, the actual damage has been done. In recent memory, no single event has changed the world as much as 9/11 did. The impact of the event was not local, it was a global problem. As the Trade Center fell to the ground, the rumbling inside the parliament and presidential house was stronger. War, they said, a war against terror more aptly and to this day, the war continues.

I took a lot of time to write this because I was not sure how I would be able to cover such a massive event in two small articles. The terrorist attack was not just seen as another attack, it was seen as an attack on the American nationalism. It changed the world in more ways than one and the funny bit is, it still is changing the world.

I was a student when the incident happened and as all young students are, I was naïve (still am but at least now, I understand the world much better than before). It was that age where I had my ideals intact and the world seemed a much calmer place. Little did I know that everything was going to change so immensely and quickly without me every noticing it.

Death as they say is just the beginning but 9/11 was much more than that. It not only was devastating, it also made me realize how fragile our world is. A perfectly normal day could so easily be turned into hell by some highly skilled but very few people. I have not witnessed the great wars, I have not even witnessed the small wars and for me, this was the worst human tragedy possible. It was harrowing to see thousands of people dead and property worth of trillions of dollar become rubble within seconds.

It is even strange to believe that almost 14 years have passed since 9/11. Now probably is the right time to look back and see and observe the actual damage that resulted from 9/11. I will try to keep it short, hope to keep it factual and try my level best to present both sides of the argument. If I make any mistake, let me know for this is important for me. After all, none of us living on this planet have access to infinite wisdom.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

Source photo: businessinsider


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