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India and Pakistan have once again claimed

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ISLAMABAD: India and Pakistan have once again claimed that the working boundary separating Indian and Pakistani held Kashmir has seen cease fire violation and while both parties are adamant that the result in firing is due to the other, tensions have escalated immensely between the two countries.

The Pakistani army claims that the casualties due to the intermittent firing have increased to 8 while Indian authorities claim that 3 people have died on their side of the border. Pakistan authorities have called the Indian ambassador in Pakistan Doctor T C A Raghwan to the foreign office to register an official complaint against the atrocities.

Initially it was the ISPR (the spokesperson of Pakistan Army) who complained against the offence in a minor manner however later the foreign office took matters in its own hand and filed a full fledge complaint against the Indian firing. Pakistani authorities claim that the firing started around 23:00 hours on Thursday night when they saw Indian forces using tunneling equipment near the border (an activity that is not supposed to take place near the working boundary). According to the Pakistani forces, when they told their Indian counterparts to stop digging, they were met with continuous non-stop firing that carried late till early morning.

The Pakistani authorities claim that during the last month, the cease fire violations carried out by the Indian side reach almost 70. The Punjab rangers, the force appointed at the working line boundary from Pakistani side claims to retaliate in the face of heavy firing from the Indian authorities.

The relationship between the two countries has seen a negative trend during the last few months after showing good signs in the start of the term of current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Initially the Pakistani Premier visited the oath taking ceremony of his Indian counterpart and things started to look pretty positive during the two countries. However the air of goodwill between the two Nuclear states seem to be evaporating during the last few months with one after the other controversy causing relations to cool further between the two countries.

The ground reality remains that people living close to the working boundary are in dangerous peril and have difficult living conditions. The authorities have told them against a mass migration towards safer areas as a movement of this scale may mean higher casualties in case any side chooses to transgress or violate the cease fire. The situation becomes even bleaker when international observers are continually rejected by the countries to offer a neutral perspective of the situation.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

Sursa photo: www.wiredeast.com

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