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Sister killed by his own brother!

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Honor killing! Honor killing! Honor killing! A latest news revolving around the world about Qandeel Baloch a model who was killed by his brother in the name of honor killing.

As women’s are the backbone of a nation, if a woman is well educated then she can give educated children’s to the society. As the need of the women in the society is increasing day by day because she is more intelligent and hardworking as compare to men.

Education is considered as the source of women empowerment from which she has been deprived of her birth. If we educate our women then she can raise educated children’s and can empower herself socially, financially and professionally.

If we compare rural and urban women then we can know that how liberal our women’s are now a days, the women of rural areas are facing worst experience due to the feudal system. According to feudal system many women are unable to know about their right cannot get the required education, health facilities and cannot participate in any political activity. Whereas the women of urban area doesn’t face these types of problems nowadays, as they know about their right can participate in politics can get the required education and can also choose their own profession Like many women are becoming actresses, models, teachers, artists and poets.

Honor killing is becoming common in Pakistan day by day and the latest example of honor killing is Qandeel Baloch case in which a brother murdered her sister.  Qandeel Baloch got fame through social media and was a model too due to her scandal with molvi Qavi his brother murdered her and in his statement he said they belong from a Baloch family and cannot bear this type of scandels due to which he murdered her sister on the name of honor killing.

According to my survey honor killing is not only common in Pakistan, but other countries are also facing this problem due to which women’s are not secure even in their own houses.

After reading the above paragraphs I want to ask a few questions from the reader that;

Do you think women should be empowered?

What are the advantages of women’s education?

Is honor killing making a woman insecure?

Is the liberty of women important for the progress of our country?


The education of women plays a crucial role in the progress of our country and their participation in the politics will help to develop a better Pakistan for our new generation. And the reduction of poverty, honor killing and feudalism will empower a woman and can also improve her position in the society.

Honor killing makes a woman and our society at risk because if a woman is fearful she cannot educate her children’s in a better way and inwards our country cannot progress. So, for a better future make your women confident and give her a feeling of security so to get an educated society.

Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

source photo: mirrror.co


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