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2 million $ for charity!

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MANHATTAN: The Facebook page “Humans of New York” as the name suggests was mostly aimed at the people of New York. The ordinary day to day people on the streets of New York with their stories mentioned in an easy to read way made compelling by the different stories.

There was no discrimination, there was no gender bias and he never cared about the color of the person he was talking to; to him it was all the same – humans, just plain humans. While the page was popular after its inception, it almost always had a local flavor. A few years ago though, it erupted as a global phenomenon when Brandon travelled to Iran and showed a side of Iranian people to the world that no one had ever seen.

For the Americans who had long seen the Iranian people as their enemies, a peek inside their life was really different. For the first time they realized that these were also people who lived, ate, smiled and laughed in a way very similar to their own way. Ever since that happened, the page and Brandon have not looked back.

This year, Brandon travelled to the maligned nation of Pakistan and what followed next has been nothing short of miraculous. Pakistan, a nation which at this moment is seen as the most dangerous place in the world found itself in the limelight and after many tormenting years of media coverage, this time it found itself there for once for the right reasons. There was talk about poverty, there was talk about suppression of basic human rights, there was also mention of gender control but for once the world saw that the Pakistani people are not only terrorists with guns in their hand willing to kill anyone who disagrees with their opinions at the first signs of an argument.

However, much as the world has seen Pakistan in a new light, the definite memory of his visit will be felt by Pakistan. He not only helped raise awareness about the issue of forced labor in Pakistan, he did something to help those who are trying to fight against this issue. Brandon helped raise more than US$ 2 million for a charity worker who is trying to fight against slavery.

A foreigner coming to your country and helping you increase awareness and funds to fight an evil cause – this could be the stuff that Fatima could not even have imagine but now her wildest dreams have become a reality.

Often we say that one man cannot change the world but as Brandon has proven, if you really wish to make a difference to the world and you really try, you can be a real difference in our world.

Don’t lose hope people, follow the lead, do something good – there is a Brandon in all of us somewhere. We can and we will change the world for the better. Thank you Humans of New York, thank you

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

Source foto: thelogicalindian


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