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Bill Gates predicted Facebook and the Internet in 1999!

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Bill Gates wrote a book called “Business @ the Speed of Thought” in 1999, and made many bold predictions, which a lot of experts at that point said were unrealistic. But now, it can be said that Bill Gates got more things right than wrong in that book.

A lot of his forecasts on technology and the way business will be conducted in the future have come true. We take a look at 5 of Bill Gates’ biggest predictions in that book and leave it for you to analyze if they have come true or not.

On Mobile phones

Bill Gates said, “People will carry around small devices that allow them to constantly stay in touch and do electronic business from wherever they are. They will be able to check the news, see flights they have booked, get information from financial markets, and do just about anything else on these devices.”

Yes, yes, yes – Bill Gates predicted how smartphones would change the world long before the first iPhone was launched in 2007. That man is a pure genius!

On the internet of things and personal assistants

Bill Gates said, “Personal companions will be developed. They will connect and sync all your devices in a smart way, whether they are at home or in the office, and allow them to exchange data. The device will check your email or notifications, and present the information that you need. When you go to the store, you can tell it what recipes you want to prepare, and it will generate a list of ingredients that you need to pick up. It will inform all the devices that you use of your purchases and schedule, allowing them to automatically adjust to what you e doing.”

Yes, that is so true! We have smart personal assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Now and smart devices such as Amazon Echo, Nest and Google Home which can be controlled by voice and which do a number of tasks for you, such as reading out loud your email, giving you directions to a destination, changing the thermostat controls and so on. In a way, Bill Gates predicted how the Internet of Things would change the world even before it was even a viable concept.

On Social media

Bill Gates said, “Private websites for your friends and family will be common, allowing you to chat and plan for events.”

So Gates even predicted the rise of the social media. Today social media sites are dominant – Facebook now has two billion users around the world, Twitter has changed how politicians and media operate globally, LinkedIn has transformed the way people look for jobs, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp have changed how we communicate. Gates saw all of that – back in 1999!

On the Way We Work

Bill Gates said, “Project managers looking to put a team together will be able to go online, describe the project, and receive recommendations for available people who would fit their requirements.”

That is so true! Today work has gone online with sophisticated project management and workflow software, which has made telecommuting possible. Now, business owners or project managers find themselves running teams with members from different time zones, hundreds or even thousands of miles apart from each other, all working for a common purpose.

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

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