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5 cele mai recente marturii paranormale

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People have been captivated by the
unknown and supernatural since even before the Dark Ages. So it
should come to no surprise that there is an allure to the possibility
of aliens touching down to earth or ghosts appearing or elusive
cryptids coming out of hiding for the first time in years thanks to
improvements in technology. In April several of these events
transpired all over the world, including the Loch Ness monster, but
in the USA these count amongst the five most convincing for you to
decide whether they’re real or not.Two UFO SightingsMan has always been fascinated by the
promise of life on other worlds. From this fascination the notions of
UFOs came into being along with alien abductions that for some reason
always happens in the Midwest. The latest sighting was in Kansas,
where some kind of flying triangle made itself known and lacked any
military plane characteristics leaving those who witnessed it baffled
by what it was.Likewise, in California there was an
unknown sphere moving through the air again and caught on film. Due
to the speed it appeared as a blur, but similar sightings have been
made all over the world before. Maybe one day camera will be fast
enough to catch them and show the details of what they are, but until
then we can only speculate.Three Ghost SightingsWhat ghosts truly are is still somewhat
of a mystery n the end. Are they impressions of the dead or the
actual souls left behind? Either way they’ve shown up three times
this month and have caused a commotion.The first encounter was a store in New
Hampshire that was plagued by something causing mischief with the
store products. The owners of the store claim that there had been a
ghost of a man there since they moved in and this happens sometimes.
While some remain skeptical it should be noted that poltergeist
activity has occurred with no explanation and no business would
willingly hurt themselves in a hoax like this, so I believe it
wouldn’t hurt to give them the benefit of the doubt.The second was at the scene of a crash
where a college student was minding her own business when she noticed
something amiss and photographed it. There was an ethereal figure
looming over the scene and caught on photo before it vanished.
Whether it was the Grim Reaper or something malevolent, we might
never know.The last instance
was on the roadside of a lone stretch of asphalt. During a road trip
a pair of travelers encountered a ghost that stood off the side of
the road as they passed by, only to vanish as they turned back to
look closer at it. This sort of thing is rather common all over, but
it does hasten their desire to get somewhere safe and populated just
to be safe. You can’t blame them.Author: Sverri – USA / Gimme Five

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