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Actori faimosi din Pakistan!

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Entertainment industry contains a mix of different actors and actresses. Same is the case with Pakistani entertainment fraternity. There have been a lot of new male faces introduced in the market and actually they are being appreciated more than actors of the past. Pakistan drama industry has always been a part of discussion but the aspect to appreciate here is hat Pakistani Film industry has also made its mark in the world. Films such as Bin Roye, Jawani Phir Nhi Ani, Moor and many more have shown the world that Pakistan have the power to revive and revive in a much better way than others. But the major role in the success of these films is of the ones who are on the front screen. There have always been a tough competition among female actresses but now Pakistani entertainment industry is witnessing something unusual and that is an extremely tough competition among actors.In this article we will be discussing the top male artist of Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry.Fawad KhanIt is well known to everyone that Fawad is on the top of the list of top actors of Pakistan entertainment industry. After Humsafar Fawad and Mahira got so popular that they both got offers from across the border as well. Fawad Khan has also worked in Khuda K Liye one of the Pakistan Blockbuster. After his serial he acted in a lot of serials but wasn’t able to make the mark as he did in Humsafar. This was the reason he got the opportunity for working along side Sonam Kapoor in India.Shan ShahidShan is one of the best Pakistan actor. He is a son of a famous Pakistani film director. He also worked along with Fawad in Khuda K Liye. He is considered as Robert De Niro of Lollywood. He has played a huge part in revival of Pakistan’s Film industry. He first worked in Khuda K Liye which was a hit and again he worked with the young and talented Bilal Lasharie in WAAR and proved that his experience is still worthy for the revival of Pakistan’s Film Industry.Humayun SaeedHumayun Saeed is another actor that has been working for a long while in this industry. He was a part of Pakistan’s Drama Industry and now he has moved on to production of film and drama. His recent production was Jawani Phir Nhi Ani which was Pakistan’s first comedy movie after the revival of Pakistan’s film industry.Meekal ZulfiqarMeekal Zulfiqar is another very fine actor and he has been actively involved in many leading serial of the modern era. He has the looks of being a lead character of drama. He is currently working indrama industry and he has not been offered a film as yet.Faisal QureshiFaisal Qureshi is another extremely talented actor of Pakistan. He is also majorly working on small screen and he has not been offered a movie as yet. He has given superb hits to this drama industry and he is making his mark purely on his talent although he is also a son of renowned TV personality. Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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