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Within two days, crime changed its face, once in Johannesburg and once in Cape Town. .The shrill news came on 17-August from Johannesburg that a 14 year old boy had confessed to strangling his 36 year old mother to death. Eyewitnesses were reported to have said that the woman had beaten him and poured boiling water from a kettle on him. The family lives in Waterworks informal settlement, south of Johannesburg. The argument was claimed to have begun from a very simple issue: a pink hat! The late mother, according to the police, had demanded from her son where her pink hat was. With no tangible response from him, an argument ensued which turned violent.  According to the reports, she then allegedly hit him repeatedly with a brick before pouring the boiling water over him.The police spokesperson Tshekiso Mofokeng confirmed that the police thereafter took him to the hospital for treatment for burn wounds and injuries that resulted from the bricks that were thrown at him. According to the police, the teenager ran to his aunt’s house –which was about 10 kilometres away- after the incident and confessed to killing his mother.The teen is expected to have appeared in the Westonaria Magistrates Court on Monday morning (18-August)."He told me his mother started beating him with a stick and he blocked the lashes. She then poured water from a kettle on him and tried to hit him with a brick. He said he then pushed her to the ground and strangled her," the aunt was quoted saying. The aunt it was reported went to the boys home in the morning and found his mother lying on the floor. She called the police.Following this strange event, on 18-August, this time in Cape Town, an arrest was made in connection to the controversial “fish-crush” porn video titled Squishing Nemo.With no names mentioned in the arrest, it remains unclear whether any of the “actors” or producers of the porn video have been charged with animal cruelty or child pornography. The arrest had been made by the FCS (Family Violence, Child protection and Sexual Offences) unit. At the moment, the arrested individual is out on conditional bail.The bizarre event came to public light in June, when local high school girls were implicated in the shocking porn, which showed them crushing small creatures to death while performing sexual acts. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the police and the Provincial Education Department were alerted when the video came to public domain.The Squishing Nemo video clip, which is just over a minute in length, had widespread views across social media and on fetish porn sites. It shows a girl stomping live fish to death as she has sex with a man. Reports state that “In the clip, one of the girls, using the alias “London”, engages in a sexual act with the man while the second girl takes a live fish out of a pot. She places the fish under London’s foot. London stomps it to death before continuing to have sex. The girls show no remorse and are seen smiling and laughing in the clip.” South African Education spokeswoman Bronagh Casey confirmed early in June that the girl, as well as a second girl in the clip, was a pupil at Edgemead High School. Some reports state that the two pupils had been expelled from the school while it is uncertain whether the Directorate of Public Prosecutions will prosecute them. It is reported further that in another of London’s videos, both she and the other girl are wearing Edgemead High uniforms.Categorised weirdly as “crush videos”, the Squishing Nemo video clip and others like it, usually involve fish and other small animals being crushed to death or seriously injured while people engage in sexual activities. The women often wear high heels, apparently to see the creatures suffer as much as possible. The strangest things do happen indeed; a lot to make the ears of the police full and test their law enforcement wits to its limits.  Author – Tubonemi- Nigeria 

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