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Atac terorist in Istanbul!

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Terrorist attack in IstanbulA massive tragedy has happened in the Istanbul airport. 41 people have been killed by the savage suicide bombers. There’s been 130 injured and the government has declared that the total death count should be over 50.The brave security guards have tried their best to save the airport; they were in a gunfire exchange with two suspects that were carrying AK 47 rifles at 10PM on Tuesday. Because they couldn’t get past the security guards they detonated their suicide bombs as soon as they reached the first security checkpoint in the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. A couple of minutes later another bomb could be heard, this one being set off in the airport’s parking lot.While there have not been any terrorist groups to claim the massacre all signs point towards the infamous ISIS. One witness told NBC News that he saw one of the bravest police officers ever wrestle with a bomber before he detonated the bomb. After a couple of hours the airport was reopened and everything went as it usually does. But the Turkey government is not going to take this lightly; they have sworn that they will bring whoever made this catastrophe to justice.After the waters were clear, the Turkey government has decided to make that day a special day for the poor innocent people that lost their lives this day. It will be a mourning day from now on.The Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said to the press that “This attack, targeting innocent people, is a vile, terrorist act. The findings of our security forces point at the Daesh Organisation as the perpetrators of this terrorist attack”.The White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest has declared that: “The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms today’s heinous terrorist attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport in Turkey, which appears to have killed and injured dozens.“We remain steadfast in our support for Turkey, our NATO Ally and partner, along with all of our friends and allies around the world, as we continue to confront the threat of terrorism. Unless we come together as all countries and as all people, and fight against the terrorists together, all possibilities that we can’t even dare think of right now will come true.”The attackers have arrived at Ataturk, Europe’s third busiest airport, and later on, during the evening they have opened fire and wounded over a hundred people before finally deciding to blow themselves up. The Turkish officials have declared that there were 23 dead Turkish people and 13 foreign, including five Saudis and two Iraqis. Amont the 13 other foreigners that were brutally killed lie poor innocent people from China, Jordan, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Iran and Ukraine. The Istanbul governor’s office has said that around half of the people that were hospitalized have been discharged.This is a tragic, tragic day. The pain caused by these attacks will never heal, whether it is a burn mark, or a lost loved one, the wound will be there forever, because of these barbaric individuals. Author: Radu Ivanovici

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