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Australia, un taram de vis!

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Australia is a country filled with a myriad of enjoyable activities, majestic sights, locales and great people. There is no shortage of things to occupy yourself with, whether you are on holiday or living in the Land Down Under.The OutdoorsAustralia is renowned for its magnificent outdoor vistas and spectacular sights. The Australian environment is incredibly varied and includes lush vegetation and tropical rainforest, verdant grass plains, arid desert and mountainous plateaux. Along the East Coast stretches beautiful beaches, rocky shores and the Great Barrier Reef.Some of the best activities in Australia involve outdoor sports where you can experience Australian wildlife, culture and lifestyle amidst one of the most beautiful settings on Earth. There are a number of scenic walking tracks, outdoor sporting grounds and mountain biking trails present in all the states and territories of Australia.There are several sights in particular which I strongly encourage people to visit if they are sojourning through Australia. These sites involve some of the most memorable activities and views in the world. Snorkelling or kayaking in the Great Barrier Reef, surrounded by sharks, fish, octopi, rays and crustaceans is a truly magical experience. Driving along the breathtaking Great Ocean Road and trekking up the largest Monolith in the world, Ayers Rock (or Uluru) exposes you to the full breadth of Australian beauty and Indigenous Australian culture. Other activities include 4WD tracks on Fraser Island, one of the largest sand islands in the world, this pristine island is dotted with freshwater lagoons, wrecks and Australian heritage. Surfing and swimming in remote beaches and billabongs are dreamlike events that will stick with you for the rest of your life.The City LifeThe magnificent vista of Sydney Harbour is one of the most well-known sights when it comes to Australian cities. However, each state and territory capital in Australia has its own distinct cultural, culinary and social atmosphere. Australian cities encompass an array of places and activities including zoos, bridge climbs, city river cruises and a vibrant night life. Cities like Melbourne illustrate the arty, cultural side of Australia with a strong emphasis on live music, culinary excellence and professional art while Darwin boasts huge open spaces, an abundance of urban wildlife and brilliant Indigenous Australian street art. You can wonder the streets of Sydney and be bedazzled at Luna Park, awed by the Sydney Harbour Bridge or amazed by a display of the theatrical at Sydney Opera House.Australia lacks a longstanding history which is reflected in our architecture and urban sprawl. However, this has resulted in a confluence of other cultures filling the gap in our nation’s history. Whether you are looking for an Indian diner, Christian church or American burger joint, you’ll find it in Australia.Australia is not a country short on activities. Accommodation and living expenses range from moderate to high but I can promise that you will not feel cheated. The range of experiences which you can garner is immense and these experiences are bound to enrich your life and create a myriad of memorable stories.Author: Alexander Burns – Australia

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