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Bangladesh/ Cultura infectata cu… tehnologia!

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Technology has become the ultimate fashion in the global media. Have you ever given it a thought why you use it? The answer is simple: you use it because it makes your life easier. But have accepting this change been difficult? Well, it depends from person to person: but national boundaries do have some influence on whether to accept such technological contributions. Bangladesh is a country which has a conservative culture that try to relate its roots to long-continued family traditions. So the question is whether such a culture that value traditions a lot is subject to accept technological change?At first, the technological market did face some chaos: and people did find it hard to accept that technologies can work better than them: but, if we look upon where Bangladesh is today it can be believed that the majority of the population has accepted this change. But have this acceptance taken the form an infection among humans? Many argue that technology make people lazy: they need to socialize, they don’t visit in person, they Facebook; they need to play games, they don’t play outside but on PC for hours; they don’t want to have dinner with their family, but watch television while  having food and  so on. These are some common everyday stories faced in Bangladesh and are some regular complaints parents have for their kids. Apart from these, if you walk on busy street in Bangladesh you will definitely witness people using laptops, talking over smartphones or mobile phones, carrying around with tablets or simply sticking the earphones of their I-pod to listen to the radio or some refreshing music. The majority of this is the youngsters or the working population: however, the senior citizen have a different perspective, an idea that makes technology looks odd as they collide with the culture we grew up in!Some principles of the senior citizens here are  happiness is where family is, you find peace when you do what your elders say to, you care for me you visit me and so on. In simpler terms, Bangladesh emphasizes more on family bonding rather than friend bonding. If you hang out with friends all day, you might be seen as a spoilt one from the perspective of many elders! So, technology with the means to socialize have definitely taken this generation to a whole new perspective that not only widened the generation gap but also created a cultural gap. So, definitely technological have created some serious cultural gaps in Bangladesh but then again it have also made life easier in so ways that one can only imagine!Author: Momota – Bangladesh

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