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Bangladesh, surprinzator de frumos!

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Bangladesh is a beautiful land with rich history and attractive places that is beyond our imagination. It is a small country in South Asia with dense population but the variety of destinations stuns you if you visit there. Unlike other country Bangladesh is not attracted by tourists whereas the tourists actually do not know the striking destinations that are not familiar. In the coming days if the tourist people visit such places, then the glory of Bangladesh would challenge other countries that have beautiful destinations. The reason that the Bangladesh is not famous for tourism is the country does not support traditional tourism and there are no facilities for tourism. Rather than the artificial landmarks and architecture the country has most natural landmarks the tourists have to visit. It is called as land of beauty due to the beautiful seas, the twisting rivers and the lakes all around the green hills and mountains. The rain forests of Bangladesh are a great pleasure for people who love adventures and the green tea gardens are feast for our eyes. The Bangladesh lies with the delta of Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers and the country is low lying to the water bodies surrounding it. Due to this there are annual flooding happenings mostly. The water outflow from beautiful rivers of Bangladesh record the most outflow in the Asia and the third in the World. Having dense forest ranges with rich fauna of different varieties and 600 plus birds Bangladesh forests preserve more than hundred mammals. Bengal Tiger is world famous mostly from Sundarban forest. The sad fact about Bangladesh is water resources, there is no water in the dry seasons and there is more water in rainy seasons. The Bangladesh crops are always prone to get damaged by floods. The flood damages are undeniable and the country is severely affected by great quantity of rain.  The ancient terracotta and the pottery are remarkable ancient artistry of Bangladesh. World famous artists were from Bangladesh and their art works are famous for its kind. Renowned poet and literature and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore is from Bangladesh. The quality and the quantity of the food items of Bangladesh have been on the rise these days. The country has delicious food history and the tourists love to relish the Bangladesh food. There are hotels that are famous for food and hospitality which attracts and admires the tourists. There is longest natural sea beach famous as a most attractive beach for tourists and visitors. The international hotels of 3 star and 5 star cuisine surrounded by beaches adds beauty, fun and excitement to the people who visit BangladeshThe natural difficulty in Bangladesh is too bad as the country faces serious weather conditions like severe rain resulting in floods and scorching summer is too difficult to bear with so there is no support for vacations in Bangladesh. Due to the dense population, the possibilities for maintaining the facilities are very less. This is a major disadvantage for tourists and visitors as they could not avail or enjoy needed facilities. Author: Axebee – India

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