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Billboard Music Awards

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The 2016 Billboard Music Awards happened this week and a lot went down and we here at Zapper news have all the scoop and gossip to share with you. Music awards like this are much more entertaining that classy awards like the Oscars. While everyone at the Oscars is one their best behavior, music award shows like the Billboard Music Awards are a place for fun entertainment where almost nothing is off-limits. Many stars stunned and some disappointed that this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Let’s list the most prominent acts of the night!Britney Spears:Is the old Britney back? Many seem to think so after her jaw dropping opener performance at the Billboard Music Awards. Spear stepped out in a red bedazzled bikini with lots of hanging chains and jewels. She started off on a rough note with a bit of cold feet. And when we say rough note, we don’t mean singing. Because it was so blatantly obvious that she was lip syncing. In fact, it seemed that she had given up on moving her lips to the lyrics and was just dancing now. But boy oh boy, the dancing reminded us of the young Britney that everyone loved. She popped and locked it and gave everyone what they wanted. At Britney’s age while having two children also, not many women can do what Britney did out there, props to her for the amazing body and health that she has regulated, who cares if you can’t sing, right? (If it’s not obvious, that was a sarcastic remark).Madonna:Oh Madonna, why must you torture us like so? When we hear Madonna we think Vogue, we think Like A Prayer. We think about all those hits that made Madonna who she is known as. Is Madonna even Madonna anymore? We think she has been replaced by a clone because none what she has been doing in the recent year it remotely good. Not a good song that makes us want to dance, not a good tour, not anything. But our grief really intensified during her Billboard Music Awards performance. Her performance was a tribute to the now deceased Prince (RIP). Not only were we cringing throughout the entire performance, we are sure Prince turned in his grave. Madonna’s vocals have never been that good, but she has always been able to mask that with other antics. This time though, it truly showed us how vocally incapable she is and the tribute did not do any justice to Prince. Madonna, we suggest you learn from Lady Gaga how to pay a classic tribute. Oh and she was joined by Stevie Wonder but that that didn’t stop the performance from being totally cringe worthy.Rihanna:Last but not the least; we would like to discuss Rihanna. Who knew she could sing and sing well? Instead of dancing and prancing in tiny clothes, she actually, well… sang. And hit the notes right. And actually sing in notes. Let’s leave it at that. Rihanna actually sang! Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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