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Canada/ 4 dispozitive must have!

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Winter and snow come to mind when thinking about Canada.  While this is part of the Canadian identity, there is much more to the story that winter.  The gadgets that all Canadians need can come in handy when its winter but also when living the rugged and fresh life that we tend to be granted with in this wonderful country.  The best way to understand Canadian life and identity is through the gadgets that are most popular amongst Canadians.1. Heated snow shovelYes, its okay to laugh at this.  A heated snow shovel may sound funny, and weird, but its a real thing in Canadian life.  It is a shovel with an electric component that keeps the shovel section warm.  This keeps snow from sticking on, and the pole has a heated component as well so that your gloves stay warm and mostly dry, even if you
e out there for hours.  Its a great way to enjoy snow shovelling a little more, and make the job easier as you do it.  It sounds funny, but its popular amongst those who haven converted to snow blowers, yet.2.  Tractor snow blower attachmentThose in the country know how valuable this is.  A snow blower attachment essentially makes your snowblower into a snow blower.  It is one that you can get fairly cheaply and is made to fit on most brands of country-safe tractors.  It involves a component that will hook up to the controls on the tractor, so comfort and convenience are easily at hand with this option.  Another popular option that is similar is a snow blower attachment for your ride on mower.  A cool option for sure.3. Camping pocketknivesThese are popular elsewhere in the world, but pocketknives that are ready for camping and other outdoor needs are very popular in Canada, especially in the Western provinces.  They are rugged and heavy duty, so that everyone has the essentials they need with a good price tag attached.4. Tim Hortons emojisIt sounds funny, but having an emoji add on for Tim Hortons is something that causes a laugh and a relatable moment for those with iPhones.  Yes, its stereotypical and strange, but Tim Hortons is an important part of Canadian culture that speaks to who they are as a nation and a community.  This restaurant is a popular meeting place for those of all age and is something we all value.  It only makes sense that emojis can make the magic last a little longer.Whether it paints an idea of stereotypes or not, Canada is a place with unique needs and a great four options that show those needs perfectly.  Whether you
e a country man or a city dweller, these four gadgets are sure to come in handy from one corner of the magnificent and wild Canada to the other.  From the restaurant to a blizzard, theyll come in handy with no question to the matter.Author: Kay – Canada 

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