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Canada/ Drepturile animalelor, ce e de facut?

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“United by Differences”The best thing about being a reporter is that I get to talk about things that I love.  I get to state opinions that are fuelled by facts, exposing the truth and inviting readers to state their own opinions on the articles so that they can get their voice into the world in a way that makes them feel as though they are contributing to a good cause.One of those issues closest to my heart is animals rights.  A sub-category within that one that is big in the area that I live (Canada), is whether or not an animal abuser should be tried in a court of law or not.  This is a huge issue that I have thought about for months, flipping through facts and understanding how I feel about it all.  Here is what I have gathered in the time that has passed:Animals need to have rights.  There are hundreds of thousands of animals that are abused everyday and some survive their suffering, whereas others don .  There are plenty of rescue videos going around YouTube that show the heartwarming rescue of an abused animal that is nursed back to health and given a new home.  These videos are certainly a good thing, especially because the animal is given a second chance at life, but the cause of the abuse is never focused on.  This is what needs to change.In order to stop animal abuse once and for all, we need to focus our attention and energy and finding the culprit so that he or she can never hurt another animal again.  The debate right now is whether or not animal abusers should be given the same treatment as child abusers are: jail time and a title that follows them around for the rest of their lives.  While many people agree to the issue hotly, that these abusers should be caught and punished, there aren any funds going into doing just this.  The want and need is there as far as the public is concerned, but the government isn listening.While there are big issues that need to be prioritized as the main financial outlets, animal rights and the punishment of animal abusers also needs to be taken seriously.  What residents are asking is that animal rights are put on the same scale as human rights when it comes to punishment, so that we can all start to make some headway on making animals lives happier and safer, the same we do with children who grow up in abused homes.  Only by punishing the abuser, will the victim ever be free.By understanding and recognizing the differences in how our system works when it comes to human and animal rights, we can bring our country together as a solid front that will fight for what we believe in.  We will fight for the animals the same way we fight for the children who suffer unspeakable abuse at home.  This brings equality for all who suffer.Author: Kay – Canada

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