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Canada Reads, evenimentul anului!

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Everyone loves a good read (or most of us do).  There are lots of books that people share back an forth amongst book clubs, but then there are lots of huge favourites that make the national list at the end of the year.  Each year, CBC hosts the “Canada Reads” contest in which libraries and book lovers everywhere get a change to vote on their favourite books.  This competition sparks huge interest around the country and gives book lovers a place to gather together and share their common love of the written word.  Heres a little more about why this contest is so awesome.It brings in youthThough no one can question the idea that adults tend to do more reading than anyone, youth are brought into the idea of this contest due to the fact that they are brought the book selection as part of school programs and then they get to vote on their favourite book just like everyone else in this country does.  Its great to see that children get a chance to talk about books too, and decide as a group which one is best.  It brings literature to life.You get to choose from a listAt the beginning of the competition, there is a master list given out that book clubs take hold of so that everyone can have the option to read the books.  As the year progresses, the list gets shorter as titles are eliminated until the judges have to make the final decision.  These various rounds give the audience a chance to debate and bicker in a fun way about which books should be kept, and which ones should be eliminated at the end of each round.  Everyone has a say and all voices are heard.It sparks conversationSpeaking of which…conversation is something that all Canadians like to have, especially if its about something as well loved as books.  Books are fascinating and exciting subjects to those who love them, and “Canada Reads” is a great way to get book lovers together to enjoy a good read over the span of the year.Its innovativeLast but not least, this exclusive competition is a great way to raise attention to those authors and book that often get neglected on the shelves.  Authors, plots, characters, they all get discussed in this competition and many previously ignored authors get a chance in the spotlight to enjoy a moment of fame for their existence.  This is what book lovers wait for.Reading is a past time that is still popular even in the age of the computer.  As youth and adults come together to talk about this competition, the literary world gets a huge word of congratulations for a job well done on making sure that we all have something to talk about from start of the year to the end.  Already, people are talking about the next years event so that they can get reading the new list as soon as possible.  Its passion and words rolled into one event.Author: Kay – Canada

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