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Canada, in declin?!

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Now that the initial chaos has slowed down about the physical fight that the Prime Minister got into with the members of the NDP party, there is quite a lot to be said about the fact that the political unrest got so tense and prominent that it caused a physical interaction like that, from the Prime Minister himself, nonetheless.  It is something that is still in the news and has Canadians talking everywhere about the fact that something needs to be done in order to make sure that nothing that chaotic happens again, especially in the house of Parliament. As news anchors and journalists discuss the political unrest, the general public have plenty to say on the topic, too.  Firstly, they worry that the tensions are getting so high in the House of Commons because the government is in a bad and unstable state, despite having the election earlier in 2015.  They worry that it is a sign that Canada is headed into a negative downturn with everyone fighting each other in all forms and in all places, despite respectability and manners.Additionally, there is quite a lot of concern over the fact that the Prime Minister acted the way he did.  Not only is he the PM, hes the leader of the Liberal party and is fighting – physically in this case – with the NDP, and we all know that it won be long until the Conservative party gets their hands involved in the fight, too.  So, Canadians are wondering if this is a sign that we are starting to decay on a bigger front that we were previously aware of.  It makes many Canadians very unease and nervous about how it is going to play out, especially with the fact that the long awaited US election is coming our way, too, and it will further impact the idea that everything as we know it is changing.So, while many argue that the debacle with the PM was blown out of proportion, they also fear that it is a sign things are starting to fall apart seriously and create a fuss that is going to prevent many of us from having a calm and understandable life in the means of politics, like our ancestors did.  This is a sign to many Canadians that are on the brink of something big and potentially changing on a national level.  While no one knows for sure, there is much to be said for signs and symbols, and its not looking good.Many are lost in the doom and gloom of the situation, but others are liking the fact that everything is unrestful because it means that the people in the House of Commons are finally getting realistic and fighting about things in the open.  Time will tell to see how this pans out, but many are excited and equally terrified about what this new and unknown future will bring to Canada and its people in all provinces and territories.Author: Kay – Canada 

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