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Canadienii, suparati de lipsa de ajutor la Fort McMurray!

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News of the disastrous and terrifying fire in Fort McMurray has spread to even the furthest corners of the world.  It is one of the only times that Canadas terrifying events have made the news for any extended period of time.  As Canadians band together to take on the chaos that surrounds this Alberta city, many that are directly impacted by this tragedy and otherwise, are wondering why no one is filling in to offer help.Its frustrating to see that when the tables were reversed and Canada rushed into offer aid and financial support, we were accepted with open arms, but now that everything is turned around, no one is here to offer support.  An entire Canadian city is almost entirely burned off the map, and yet the only ones that are standing there with the tools and desire to help are fellow Canadians.  It is a fact that is making many sick to their stomachs, and posts and posts and posts are showing up online on social media outlets to express their disgust.While some of these are definitely more harsh than others think they should be, their anger is understood, especially by other Canadians.  We are a proud country that takes care of its own, but we also understand that we always seem to be the country that offers help, only to be left standing in the cold when the time comes in which we are looking for man power and support from other countries while we fight with the rubble in the city as well as the fire that is still smouldering. The help we
e looking for comes in relief for the volunteers, the fire fighters, the tow truck drivers, the cafeteria workers, etc.  These people have been working almost non stop since the start of the fire to make sure that everyone is safe, without any worry of their own safety or needs, especially to make sure that everyone they loved made it out okay.  It is a sickening thought to think that some people still don even know if their families are okay.  But that is a reality that some are living with right now, one they shouldn have to be worrying about, much less now nothing about.  So where is the relief for these people have been working so hard for everyone else?  Nowhere to be found, thats where.Even before the scare passed, there was still no help that came.  It was frustrating and drove many Canadians to volunteer their own services to make sure that they could help each other.  Its so infuriating to understand that we are on our own in a time in which we would be the first ones to volunteer our services to other countries that need our help.  It will be the discussion that is prominent on social media for many weeks to come, if not longer.  Canadians may be polite, but there is only so far you can push us before we bite back.Author: Kay – Canada

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