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Canionul Cetina

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The river of Cetina is an amazing river that belongs to the Adriatic basin, located in the Split-Dalmatia County in Croatia. It\s 105 km long and flows into the Adriatic sea in the city of Omis. Cetina springs at an altitude of 385 meters on the northwestern slopes of Dinara (the highest mountain in Croatia) near the village of Cetina (after whom the river was named) 7 km north of Vrlika. The source of Cetina is a lake that is deep over a hundred meters.  The Cetina Valley is very diverse. The first half of the flow is composite, consisting of rocky gorges and karst fields of which the largest is Field of Sinj. From Trilj downstream, Cetina enters her Canyon of Cetina, where we can distinguish two different parts. The first part is of the Cretaceous limestones from Trilj to Zadvarje and waterfall Grbavica and the second part is in flysch from Gubavica to the mouth of Omis. The both parts are very beautiful and interesting. The coasts in a Canyon of Cetina are near and long, and the river is deep and slow. Once the water was flowing fast and turned a number of mills, goes slower. The Cetina river hydropower system is very rich and consists of the five hydroelectric power stations of which Zakucac is the largest hydroelectric power station in the Croatia. Canyon of Cetina looks fascinating. The last part of it ends in the city of Omis is especially breathtaking. Canyon of Cetina was declared a protected landscape since 1963 covering the area from Tisno to the river mouth in Omis. Cetina is the second longest river in Dalmatia with 105 km (the longest is Neretva but mostly flows in Bosnia Herzegovina). Cetina is the river with the most water of all Dalmatian rivers. Much of the water of the local karst fields goes through the underground to the Canion of Cetina. The flysch zone between Zadvarje and Omis has picturesque stone shapes like pyramids at Radman mills. Canyon of Cetina is a great place for many activities like rafting and climbing. Here lived many interesting people like Mila Gojsalic, the girl that ignited the Ottoman camp which led to victory against them. Her monument is above the Canyon of Cetina in Gata (Omis). In the area of the Canyon there are an interesting flora species like: sage, thyme, St. John\s wort (and fauna species like: brown trut, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, fox, hare and badger. The particularly interesting species is the endemic Olm. Canyon of Cetina is one of the best places for rafting in Croatia. Rafting is a kind of sport, usually on the river, where a group of people (between 4 and 10) lower a rubber boat down the river rapids, with the aim of excitement, adventure and friendship. Although belonging to a group of extreme sports, and although there are international competitions, the primary vision of rafting is in an athletic recreation.   Author: HvrojeCountry: Croatia 

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