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Ce este muzica?

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Music is a cultural activity or art form whose medium is sound and silence. The most common parts of music are Pitch, Rhythm and Dynamics. Some of these most common elements are emphasized or de-emphasized by different styles or types. Music is performed with a variety of instruments and techniques ranging from singing to rapping and there are instrumental pieces, pieces that combine singing and instruments and solely vocal pieces. The Word Music is derived from Greek word “Mousike” which means Art of the Muses.In its general form, the activities that describe music as an art form include the production of works of music, study of the history of music and criticism of music. Ancient Greek philosophers defined music as tones which are ordered vertically as harmonies and music as tones ordered horizontally as melodies. A common saying of peoples about music is such as “it is music to my ears”. One Point to the noted that music is often ordered and pleasant to listen to. However in the 20th-century composer, John Cage thought that any sound or tune can be music.As a Form of Art of EntertainmentIt is composed and performed for lots of purposes, ranging from aesthetic pleasure, ceremonial or religious purposes or as a product of entertainment for the marketplace. A long time ago music was only available through music sheets, such as during Romantic and Classical eras, so at that time music lover would buy the sheet music for their favorite songs so that they could perform them at home on the music instruments such as Piano.With the advent of sound recording, a record of lots of popular songs rather that sheet music became the best way that music lovers enjoy lots of songs in which they are interested. Also, with the advent of tape recorders in the 1970s and the digital music in the 1990s music lover could make playlists or tapes of their favorite songs and take these songs with them on an MP3 player or Portable cassette player.Media and TechnologyThe music which is created by the composers can be heard in several media and the most traditional way or method is to hear it live in the presence of music maker which are called Musicians. Live music can also be broadcast on Internet, Television or on Radio. Some musical styles focus on creating a sound for a performance while some focus on creating a recording that mixes together sounds that were never played Live.InternetThe advent of the internet access has transformed the experience of music. It increased ease of access to a recording of music and also increased the choice of music for consumers. Chris Anderson in this Book suggests that while the traditional economic model of supply and demand describes scarcity and the retail model of internet based on abundance. Digital Storage costs are very low so that’s why a company can afford to make its whole recording inventory available on the internet and providing customers as much choice as possible.Author: Abdul Waly – Pakistan

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