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Cel mai greu Ramadan din ultima vreme!

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Tuesday, June 7th marked as the first day of Ramadan in most parts of Pakistan. And today June 10 was the fourth day of Ramadan or the fourth Roza (each day of fasting is called Roza in most Islamic countries). In Pakistan, the 2016 Ramadan was predicted to be one of the most dangerously hot ones in history. As temperatures in Pakistan rise to an all time high, it was questions whether it is even safe for people in some areas to fast and deprive themselves of the basic necessities like water that are much needed during extremely hot weather, especially for people who work outdoors or have an active lifestyle.Speaking from personal experience, the first two days of the Ramadan were the hardest ever in Pakistan. The heat was immense which led to me having a dry throat all day while going out and about on my daily chores in the blistering sun. However, things got a bit better on the third of Ramadan as the day started out hot but then got a little cloudy and windy in many parts of Pakistan; especially in high altitude areas. But, the fourth day of Ramadan is when things really cooled down and it rained, making the weather and the Roza more pleasant for people in many areas.Due to immense heat, many people have made the rather controversial decision of not fasting. On the other hand, the Chinese government has called a ban on fasting in Muslim areas this Ramadan due to the immense heat. The decision was received negatively and became very controversial but there is no confirmed report as to whether the ban has been called off or not. While there is some stigma around fasting in such heat, doctors also stress upon the benefits of fasting and often state that it is really healthy for a person to fast one month out of the entire year.Now with the food!  During Ramadan, food is the most valuable item and people shop for food more than just regular months because everyone needs high quality meals at sunrise and sunset so they can cope up with the fasting. While Wal-Mart and other superstores and USA and European countries are providing discounts the entire month of Ramadan on groceries, food actually becomes more expensive in countries like Pakistan the entire month of Ramadan.  Price of fruit all across Pakistan went up by 80% to 100% as soon as the first Roza. In a partially third world country like Pakistan, food vendors and mega food suppliers take all the advantage they can of this golden opportunity that they get only once a year.The normal food used to break the fast in Pakistan is vegetables like potatoes, eggplant or cauliflower dipped in a chickpea flour batter to make a delicious vegetable tempura. These fried treats are most commonly served along with a traditional yogurt and mint chutney/sauce that is very fragrant and flavorful. So, with fluctuating weather and increasing food prices, this Ramadan is set to be very interesting and challenging. Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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