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Cel mai popular gameshow din Pakistan!

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Jeeto Pakistan a best game show well-known in Pakistan as well as in other countries too. It is broadcasted on Ary entertainment through the satellite and is hosted by Fahad Mustafa, who is a very fine actor and famous among the young generation and is produced by Rana Rizwan and directed by Obaid Khan.This game show is consist of different games with numerous prizes, the most important thing about this show is that you can also win gold through it.The main theme of this show is to distribute prizes among the people through games and questions. It is the best show in Pakistan which have many twists and turns which are beyond the imagination of a person.This show is conducted infront of live audience so that there is no fake people or prizes. Almost every person get the gift and doesn’t return home with empty handed.According to the survey this show is famous in Pakistan as well as in other countries and many people like to watch it and wish to get the pass of this show.Segments:There are many segments in this show which are very exciting and entertaining for the viewers. They are:Handi charhao inam pakao:In this segment you have to cook the tasty food on the set which will be judged by the audience and host of the show and the most appetizing creation will get the prize.Jeet ka dikhao:In this segment many members from the audience play a game with a goal to come on the top and win the prize, as this segment is full of fun and trill.Bigul bajao inaam pao:As in this segment the excitement starts with the sound of the bigul in which Fahad will ask some questions from the live audience and after getting the required answer he will handover the gift to the person.Khul gai kismet:In this segment person get the gift through his luck, no game no questions.Dil walay inam laijangay:In this segment the host of the show call newlywed couple to come and play the game and win the prize.Car bachao ghar lai jao:In this segment the lucky person will be selected through lucky draw and has to answer the question so to get the car.Celebrity guest:The most exciting part of this show is that live audience can meet their favorite actors and actresses in this show.Baat banti hai:In this segment a person can win gold by opening the other boxes and saving the 10 to 20 tola gold box and at the end which box remained unopened is the box of a person. The person is selected randomly from the audience via lucky draw.Sahulat bazaar:In this segment Fahad will distribute different sahulat card vouchers to the people who are selected randomly from the audience.Nannay ustaad:It is the segment which is consist of kids who will come from the audience and show their talent and win prizes.Fakhr e Pakistan:In this segment Fahad Mustafa invite those people who are hardworking and is a source of inspiration for other people, by inviting them he want to promote them and their talent in the world.Conclusion:At the end, I want to say that these shows are the identity of Pakistan as in this game shows the need of many people are fulfilled with fun and they win the prize with their own hard work and don’t have to spread their hands in front of others.Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan 

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