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Cele mai bizare gadget-uri din anul 2016!

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1. Most Bizarre Gadgets 2016: Part 1Muse Brain SensorNothing weird currently when it comes to meditation & using meditation applications for enhancing that experience. Although the Muse brain sensor has adequate weird inside it for making it to this list. Basically, you strap the device across your head so that it is able to measure how peaceful the user is. It is able to do this thru different sensors across the device which monitor brain indications firing off in the head.RippleMakerThis is a unique kitchen gadget which imprints a pic onto the foam of the user’s coffee drinks. It connects to the application on the smart phone so that you can pick from various images pre-loaded in the image library, or even upload a new one. It’s quite gimmicky—the type of thing which a coffee shop may be interested in—however the pics appear nice and it can be a good spin upon the entire idea of latte art.Sensor WakePersons have tried all types of ways for waking themselves up early, however this is likely to be one of the most bizarre. The device is an alarm clock which hardly makes any sound, it simply releases the scent. That’s appropriate—SensorWake is able to push out various odors like coffee, croissant or seaside at the selected time.2. Most Bizarre Gadgets 2016: Part 2SomabarThis is a type of robot bartender which can flawlessly make all kinds of cocktails as per your choice. Using an application on the smart phone, the user can pick whatever cocktail they desire—as long as they have the required ingredients with them.Samsung Welt Smart BeltThis is among the weirdest and also the most exciting attempts when it comes to Bizarre gadgets this year. The device can monitor both the day to day steps of the user & change the belt tension for telling them how much they are over-eating. It is more info than anybody would ever wish to have on their waistline, however leave it to the company for doing something this weird in the health field.Smarty PansThere are lots of smart pans in the market currently but they’re not as helpful as they should be. Smarty Pans is a unique scale & frying pan which can count your calorie intake via an application using its database as well as the inbuilt scale.Since counting calories in cooking is tough, SmartyPans can be quite useful for some, although it is limited to cooking stuff in only a single pan.3. Most Bizarre Gadgets 2016: Part 3VR for treating depressionVirtual Reality or VR, a recent craze in the entertainment industry, is presently crossing over in truly being beneficial. Dr. Caroline Falconer is a part of a trial that uses VR headsets for treating depression at Health and educational psychology at the London University College. In this, the users enter a virtual setting & then interact with a specific avatar of an upset child. After this, they see similar event from the point of view of the child.A pill which can cure “mild alcoholism"Alcoholism kills as much as 2 million individuals around the globe each year. What if there was just a capsule, which you could consume for curing it? Well, today, thanks to the developments in this field, a pill for this does exist, but it is not free from controversy. In the year 2013, fresh NHS rules allowed physicians to recommend nalmefene that’s been shown in researches to reduce cravings towards alcohol among mild alcoholics & cut their amount of substantial drinking days by almost 2/3rd. But, others are concerned about allowing the addict & state there are better techniques to quit alcohol. 4. Most Bizarre Gadgets 2016: Part 4A bite counter for helping overeatersIts similar to a Fitbit for the mouth, however rather than counting steps, it is able to count bites. The device is created by experts at the University of Clemson in South Carolina. It’s designed for tracking the wrist roll which occurs while eating food. The wearer should start & stop it before as well as after eating. It produces an alarm the moment they’re near the selected amount of bites that they say could be equated to Cal consumed. Presently, the Bite Counter appears more similar to a calculator watch in the 80’s, but it has found to have a 90 percent accuracy rate & researchers are hoping it’ll get smaller & also more precise as time passes. A device for stopping Tourettes DisorderTourettes Disorder is an incurable ailment which affects 200,000 individuals each year. It makes tough for them to cope with physical tics or vocal outbursts. However, a fresh line of study done by at the Tennessee University by Timothy L. Hottel suggests such tics aren’t a psychological or neurological disorder, however, a “structural reflex ailment” which can be cured or managed through an oral appliance known as the TicTocStop which might control the urges. A brief pilot trial of 65 sufferers has been done & shows promise with a few persons. 5. Most Bizarre Gadgets 2016: Part 5E Hang 184-DroneThis bizarre chopper includes 8 blades which are carefully located on the 4 corners of the pod, since it is unlikely to qualify as the drone or else. It can fly 10 miles or for 23min on one charge. If you’re willing to pay $300k for it, go with it. Another thing is – flying any kind of drone, or sitting inside one whilst it flies, is banned in most regions of the world presently. So whilst flying, in case you notice a rocket heading towards you, know that, youll will be the first person ever to die whilst sitting inside a drone!BrainbitThe makers of this device wanted to depart from having a wrist band for monitoring your health. The makers wanted something more out there, something which tells others you are a tech freak with lots of money. Brainbit is an ugly looking head-band which can not only make you appear like a girl but it makes the user feel at one thru its electrodes as well. These are used for constantly monitoring the emotional state of the user.6. Most Bizarre Gadgets 2016: Part 6Anti-drunk texting applicationsA smartphone along with a couple of drinks ae likely to be an unsafe combination that often results in what is known as “drunk texting”. Some nifty entrepreneurs have assisted individuals save them from their tight selves by making applications which can lock them out whenever they have had too much. The Drunk Mode for Apple iPhone hides stated contacts as well as includes “breadcrumbs” which can assist you in tracking where you were during the previous night. The Drunk Lock for Google Android devices makes the user solve a math problem to verify you’re sober.A fart silencer for keeping the noise lowAn inventor in China who calls himself Big-Chicken-Mushroom recently designed a tool which can assist the loudly flatulent reduce the noise. It is a special plastic tube which he mentions as a Fart Silencer which you place in your butt just before ripping a big one. Similar to a gun silencer, the small holes located onto the side of the tube are supposed to reduce the noise. For controlling the odor, he recommends sticking a cotton ball along with the perfume in it.Author: Kapil 

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