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Cele mai frumoase locuri din Pakistan!

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Top 5 Places in Pakistan that tourist love to visitDeciding the location for vacations is a hectic task but if you live in Pakistan then the answer is straight forward and that is Northern Areas. Tourist from all across the world come over to see the natural beauty of Pakistan. The sky high mountains of Himalaya mountain range, the beautiful sceneries of Azad Kashmir, the valleys of Swat, Neelum, Naltar Naran, Kaghan will make enhance the beauty of your vacations. Summers is the season when people plan to visit different places for their vacations. Pakistan is one of the top tourist spot in the world. Tourist love to visit Pakistan because of its mind blowing natural beauty. Northern Areas of Pakistan are extremely famous among tourist because of its exceptional natural beauty while cities like Lahore and Karachi are rich in history and culture. The best season for visiting Northern areas of Pakistan is summers while if you want to visit culturally and historically rich areas like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad then winters is the best season. But despite of the weather Pakistan is a country that is going to provide you some exceptional tourist spot all around the year. Thus we have gathered five top tourist spots of Pakistan which we will be describing as follows.1.    Nanga ParbatThe exception beauty of Northern Pakistan is incomparable to the beauty of any other region in the world. Nanga Parbat is a spot right in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is famous for its sky high mountain ranges, beautiful greenery that gives you a feeling that you are close to nature and the most important of all the escape from the hot weather of plains. The cool wind is going to ensure the fact that you feel relaxed and enjoy your trip to the fullest.2.    Kalash valleyKalash valley is another spot that lies in north of Pakistan and it has become one of the famous tourist spot in Pakistan. This valley is not only beautiful but also rich in culture. This valley is situated near Chitral.  Kelash is basically an old Greek civilisation and the people living in this valley are known as “The Kelash”. They have their own religion and culture. This is one major reason due to which tourist from all along the world come over to visit this region.3.    Hunza ValleyThis tourist spot is actually for the people who love mountains. Hunza valley is also known as mountain kingdom of Pakistan. This particular valley is situated near Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza valley is famous for its exquisiteness and beauty. Hunza valley is divided into three parts that are known as Upper Hunza, Central Hunza, Lower Hunza.4.    Neelum valleyNorthern areas are the most famous areas of Pakistan because of their exquisiteness and beauty. The valley is situated near Azad kashmir. The noisy Neelum valley is surrounded by sky high mountains and beautiful scenic beauty.5.      The Badshahi Mosque LahoreMughal art and architecture is very famous across the globe and Badshahi mosque is one example of it. Due to the exclusiveness of Mughal art Badshahi mosque has become one of the most famous tourist spot in Pakistan. Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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