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Cele mai tari seriale canadiene!

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With the rise of online services that allow you you to watch TV online for a monthly fee (ex: Netflix), TV shows are becoming more widespread than ever and they are reaching younger and newer audiences regardless of whether they are new shows or the classic oldies that everyone watches when they want something warm and fulfilling.  Here are the top 5 most popular shows TV shows in Canada right now (as told by Netflix):Full HouseLoved by every generation, Full House is a classic TV show that is one you binge watch without need to stop for a break from intensity.  It is an old fashioned, funny, heart-warming TV drama that you can watch alone, or with loved ones.  Family safe and relatable, its a great option for young families, whether theyve seen the show or not.Gilmore GirlsA little more modern, Gilmore Girls is a favourite amongst many moms and daughters, as it highlights the special relationship between mom and daughter throughout its seasons.  It is a funny and fast paced family favourite that gets everyone laughing along and enjoying the episodes, one after another.  Intended for a young adult audience, its a great comfort show to enjoy in small or large doses.Greys AnatomyA favourite all over the developed world, this TV show is all about the drama and romance that spans over seasons.  Complicated but accurate to the workings of a hospital, this is a great show that you can watch with your girlfriends and boyfriends that will please all sorts of age groups.  Meant for young adult and above, this is a fast paced, informative, and addictive TV show that is well loved and the topic of many the heart-breaking conversation.HeartlandA Canadian show that is adored by animal lovers everywhere, Heartland features lovable characters and is intended for the whole family.  Drama, animal welfare and family connections are all emphasized in this incredible show, and you get to see your share of Canadian scenery of the western provinces.  Shot on location and honest to the Canadian lifestyle, this is a family favourite that is still going strong. Being EricaTaking place in eclectic Toronto, this is a great supernatural show is well loved by the adult population.  It focuses on the human experience and the mind and memories that make up our lives.  Fast paced, energetic, and impossible to predict, this TV show is Canadian made and loved by everyone who wants to understand the human experience a little better.These favourites are constantly changing and updating, but this list perfectly encompasses how Canadians look at TV shows and what they love about each one.  You get lovers and haters (as with everyone in the world), but its hard to admit that these shows are anything but fantastic, especially in the nature-loving world of Canadians everywhere.  Whether its American based or Canadian, these shows are a hit across this beautiful country.Author: Kay – Canada

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