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China/ Economia va scadea sau va creste pe viitor?

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China is one of the most successful industrial states in 2016. A few decades ago, they used to be relatively poor, but asked their GDP grew more and more, their influence on the wall to call me grew as well. Nowadays, they are heavily influencing countries like Germany, the US a, and Europe in general. But the question is is it possible that China will grow like they used to grow forever? Experts’ worldwide say, that’s clearly not possible, therefore the stock markets and the Chinese economy, which in lenses and lives off exports, will probably struggle in the future if they do not change their course. Let’s check, how the weakening stock market in China will continue to develop.As wages are rising in China, more and more tech still investors are going into cheaper countries, for example Pakistan or Bangladesh. At the very same time companies are often not able to sell that much into the European engine, as the economy and the spending power in Europe is not that strong as well right now. Therefore the stock markets is significantly decreasing while politics and politicians in China are trying to keep up there is strong growth year for you.This works with huge credits and huge loans, which get invested each and every year the problem is that these loans will lead to a huge that off the Chinese state, which will negatively affect the Chinese economy as well. The investments, are mostly invested in public projects, which will most bring much profit in the long-term, a problem this already significant today. Nowadays, China already struggles from their huge step and pollution problems. Without a Chinese economy is currently being blurred, the most changes and decreases in growth, in order to constrain a bow economy based on import export buyer’s interested economy.Author: Lukas – Austria

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