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Civilizatia Sid Meier

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Civilization is a series of global strategy computer games by developer Sid Meier and his company MicroProse and Firaxis Games. The individual versions of the game were sold together over 8 million copies worldwide. Civilization is therefore considered one of the most successful game series ever. The first part appeared in 1991. In 1996, MicroProse published the successor Civilization II. Another part was created in 2001 and named Sid Meiers Civilization III in a new company Firaxis Games. As publisher Infogrames was responsible until its dissolution in 2003. Civilization IV was released in 2005 and Civilization V in 2010. The last version is Civilization Beyond Earth, which will be released on October 24, this year.  In addition Civilization has greatly influenced many other games, such as the sci-fi spin-off, also developed by Sid Meier – Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri, published by MicroProse, as well as the offshoot Colonization, on the colonization of the Americas.  The player has the task of leading a nation from the Neolithic period through the history of mankind up to the present and to colonize a new planet. Civilization is the most important game in the Global strategy genre. The player controls his people out of a world map main screen from which he has access to various menus. Here he can conduct scientific research, develop cities, operate diplomacy with other nations and exert influence by many other measures. The goal is to make your empire bigger, more powerful, more advanced and richer than the competition.Many game mechanics, such as the presentation of serving as a field map and the motion system of units, Civilization took in almost identical form of the older game Empire, which must therefore be regarded as a direct model. Another source of inspiration is despite large differences, playful probably the eponymous board game. With its manufacturers, there was a dispute over the name of equality, but had no consequences.Civilization was revolutionary because it was enlarged over the tactical game Empire to an economic system, civilization and technological progress. It was made  possible for the player to quantitative growth through qualitative growth, so that the complexity of Civilization ensured a more rapid flow of the game. In addition, continued Civilization game strategic goals multiplied the number of promising game strategies.The game is played on a map that shows a fictitious or simulated world. This can be for example, a map of the Earth or a randomly generated map by the computer, giving Civilization of replay value. Accordingly, there are different land, plains, hills, forests, deserts, etc. Most cards are connected to each other at the lateral edges, thus corresponding to a cylinder jacket, to allow the walk around the world. Civilization used it so far always in a rhombic grid.  Reporther: Hvroje – Croatia

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