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Colaborator nou, Abdul Wali!

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Hy! My name is Abdul Wali. I am a professional Article Writer, Web developer, Web Designer, and a great online teacher. I was born on 6 May 1988.I Love technology and all the things related to technology especially the 2 things that turn my passion into profession these things are Computer and Internet. These things made me special in the special in this special world. When I was a beginner to this field I struggle for few months because the field of Computer and Internet is not so easy as it seems.You must need to spend few months if you want to be a special in this special world of computer and internet. But Don’t hesitate about that because it is also not so very difficult. Work hard because “Hard Work Can Beats the Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard”How Passion Turn into ProfessionOne day I came to know about Blogging in 2009.I had spent several months of my life on researching and learning Blogging and after getting lots of knowledge about blogging, I started creating blogs and websites. Be a blogger it is very necessary for you to write Quality and original articles if you want to rank up your blog or website In Google or other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. I am fond of Writing and I write for my websites as much I can daily.At that time writing is my passion.I had written many blog posts daily for my personal blogs.When I started writing I struggle to write SEO optimized and high-quality content.But after few months of continuous- struggle I had learned How to write quality and SEO optimized content.This continuous struggle makes me special in this special world.4 Things That Makes Me SpecialHere I am going to list such 4 things that make me special in this special world.1. WritingI am fond of article writing and content writing.I am writing articles from since 5 to 7 years but my interest in writing is continuously increasing day by day.And nowadays I also increase the ratio of writing articles.2. BloggingI really respect blogging because blogging is the turning point of my life.Blogging gave me everything I wish so thats why I love blogging.3. FreelancingThis is the third thing in which I am really interested in.I started working on the internet from 5-7 years ago but I started freelancing just now.I had found freelancing a very interesting thing.4. TeachingInstead of running blogs, writing articles and freelancing I also a Great online teacher.Nowadays I am teaching about 20-30 courses in Urdu and also in English.I am teaching on Udemy video academy, Skillshare, Skillfeed, Stackcommerce and also on Youtube.My Writing Goals in 2016 As in the above paragraphs, I mentioned that I love writing before I setting my writing goals I also love to read other professional writers goals.Some of my writing goals of 2016 are as follows.1. Write More Quality Content2. I will write new Books3. Focus On Learning More new things4. Creative Writing5. I will write EbooksAuthor: Abdul Wali 

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