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Corul european din Istanbul

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Istanbul European Choir comprises of 100 artists all originating from various callings, nationalities and religions. The main thing that kept them together for over 30 years is their deference of polyphonic music. The staff changes each year by new attendances and by the way that a few individuals need to give back their nations of origin. However their novice soul, love for music and energy to sing better stay unaltered. Istanbul European Choir was established by a gathering of German individuals who lived in Istanbul, under the name of "Deutscher Singkreis" in 1976. A gathering of French artists joined the Choir in 1991 and the name is changed to Istanbul European Choir. Whats more, a short time later, the choir got wealthier consistently by joining of individuals from various nationalities. The primary motivation behind the establishment of Istanbul European Choir was to charm choral music and promote extraordinary choral works. For this reason, the collection regularly comprised of established works. Be that as it may, as of late we have started to broaden our collection with case of works by prominent remote and Turkish writers . They additionally intend to add another shading to Istanbuls specialty life by picking works that have never been performed in Turkey.Author: Pieter Djatmiko – Indonesia

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