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Croatia/ Designeri celebri

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Choosing the most influential fashion protagonists in Croatia truly is a difficult task given that there are three national domestic fashion events, countless regional and local until. The underlying theme in the final choice was for the long life and consistency of selected fashion designers, symbolizing the main factors of the Croatian fashion.Fashion designers duo called Elfs display their collections at Cro-a-Porter, and in recent years broke through the top of the Croatian fashion. Recognizable by commercial design approach, with its notions of fashion as fun, season after season completely delighted critics and audiences to their shows. Their fashion statement is based on the trail of the conscious trash culture.Zigman is ambitious, hyperactive, talented and energetic fashion designer. These characteristics give Zigman a huge advantage over his colleagues. Cacophony limitless ideas successfully converted into own fashion codes got him ovations after his shows. Fashion lovers especially expect results of his collaboration with the Slovenian Peko.Name of Ivica Klaric is synonymous for mens suits. There is probably no man in Croatia who can not be well dressed by his design. Recently, has joined forces with the company RIO Rijeka in a project Fashion.Hr Industry, and since then, top quality garments are available to everybody.I-GLE is avant-garde tandem for years favored by the intellectual elite, architects, and managers and all fashion-conscious women who like that kind of fashion expression. Their activities have expanded to Slovenia and conquering the prize for best collection in Ljubljana Biennial of Industrial Design – BIO.Author: Hvroje – Croatia

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