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Croatia/ Shopping in Zagreb!

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Zagreb is the Croatian capital, and largest city by population. Historically, the city of Zagreb has grown from two villages in the neighboring hills, Gradec and Kaptol, which is the heart of Zagreb, its historical center. The citys location, which is in the place of contact of the Alpine, Dinaric, Adriatic and Pannonia regions, has enabled Zagreb to become a bridge between the Middle Europe and the Adriatic region.Ilica is one of the longest and oldest streets in Zagreb. It extends from the main square of Ban Jelacic. Ilica is the main shopping street in the city center, where there are numerous shops of the eminent manufacturers. Near Ilica there are several other streets with numerous boutiques. Shopping centre “Nama” at the beginning of Ilica offers consumer goods, clothing, shoes, and cosmetics, products for the home, garden and techniques. This very specific shopping center exudes a century-old tradition and reputation that heritage since the old Viennese merchants. The earliest origins of "Nama" are attached at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with the arrival of Carl Kastner and Herman Ohler in Zagreb, which were Vienna retailers of the Czech and Jewish descent. Kastner and Öhler opened its first department store, "Kastner and Öhler" in the Czech city of Opava. On Sundays there is traditionally fair of antiques and artwork at the Britanski trg (British Square). Here you can find 50 years old telephones, dolls from the last century, radio from the Second World War, and decorative lamps from the past or the money that was used at the beginning of a new era.Nowadays, shopping centers are simply practical mixture of shopping with parking, walking zones, coffee bars, restaurants, amusement centers and random encounters, etc.  They can be little bit artificial, but much better way to spend time than sitting in front of the TV.  Branimir Centre is a multifunctional shopping center under one roof, it offers numerous possibilities like CineStar – the first Croatian multiplex with 13 halls and 2,934 seats,  Arcotel – Zagrebs first lifestyle hotel with 4 stars and Wettpunkt – the largest Automat club in Croatia. On the ground floor and the first underground level, there are stores of the reputable brands, top restaurants and trendy bars.Westgate Shopping City in the suburb of Zagreb has 260 shops, 32 restaurants and bars, a 4,000 m² childrens amusement park, and many attractive offers for the whole family. Interestingly, this mega-shopping center has as much as 3.3 km of shop windows which offer numerous national and international brands. Every Sunday from early morning, thousands of people come to Hrelic, open-air flea market.  The story usually begins at dawn. Retailers typically arrive at about 6 o’clock, some even earlier, all in order to find better position and attract potential customers. Collectors of antiques filtered and buy and thus save many valuable things, and often works of art, from destruction. At this flea market there were very valuable things hidden in a pile of old junk. Reporther: Hrvoje81 – Croatia

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