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Croatia/ Talcioc in… Zagreb

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Many collections, tools, old clothes, automobiles and so many other things can be found in the Zagreb flea market called "Hrelic". Every Sunday thousands of people are bringing up early in the morning all these things for sale. Collectors of antiques (including recognized intellectuals) and lots of ordinary people come and buy many valuable things, and often works of art, which are saved from destruction.Although this fair is not in the tourist guides, many tourists have found it, especially those from Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Italy, but it’s even possible to meet people from Japan, Scandinavia, Russia, Spain or the USA, because there can be found a lot of interesting little things. The special groups of visitors are students and scientists who came to find rare books and a variety of valuable documents. At the fair, in addition to spontaneous gathering of intellectuals, artists and lovers of art, along with the efforts of the organizers of the event, there are more and more organized visits of pupils from the primary and secondary schools. Hrelic is Zagrebs largest flea market. It is held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year. It is located west of the city on the landfill Jakusevac. It kept the name Hrelic by the neighboring village, which is south.Today we can say that it is the largest shopping mall in the open in Croatia. In the days of the fair comes to 40,000 people. Parking can accommodate up to 5,000 vehicles.Here people sell all kinds of clothing and footwear, accessories, technical goods, cars, toys and various means for household, stationery of all kinds, bizarre objects, antiques, pieces of furniture, etc.Author: Hvroje – Croatia 

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