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Cuba/ Altruismul Cubei

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Hola!! I am here to give you a report on our nearest neighbor Cuba, It is a country that has been making great strides despite its small size, and the quickness to send out its doctors and nurses is truly amazing. Cuba’s response to the Ebola has drawn lot praise from the worldwide media, Cuba sent out over 165 doctors and nurses to travel to Sierra Leone on Wednesday, part of a total of 461 health workers from Cuba offered several weeks ago to go to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. According to Fidel Castro: "The delivery of the first medical brigade to Sierra Leone … is an example of a country which can boast" this is an article published on Saturday in the official newspaper Granma, health care in Cuba is very important…hence the abundance of doctors and nurses, and despite being such a small country, they have really and truly punched above their weight in terms of how far they are willing to go and how assistance they are willing to give. They have shown themselves to be selfless and dedicated, truly demonstrating the importance of being a good neighbor and lending a helping hand to those in suffering and desperate for medical attention. Ebola is an extremely deadly disease and Africa, simply could not handle the effects of the disease and it has created so much grief and loss of life.It is thanks to the selflessness of Cuba, Africa can feel a little relief and a little hope. As there are persons out there ready and willing to help those in need. As I stated earlier Cuba is a small country with a limited resources and yet has been so quick to lend assistance regardless of how large the task may seem, as the former President pointed out: "May the example of Cubans march to Africa also be in the hearts and minds of other physicians in the world, especially those with more resources," Amazing, this shows that no matter how small the resources may be, it is important that it is used to its very potential and for the good of mankind. Cuba really has made a name for itself as the country of the best doctors and nurses, as a Jamaican, I can point out how Cuban doctors actually came out and operated on the eyes of some Jamaican patients, it was quite an experience for us and quite a relief…we were very thankful and so grateful for their assistance. The readiness and availability of the Cuban doctors…well, another quote from Fidel Castro points out:  "There are enough doctors on the planet so that nobody has to die for lack of care," Cuba has really made a worldwide impression, defying the odds to go and help those who are in suffering, and in need of medical care, they never doubted their ability at all, but instead they went all out and did the very best they could, and that truly makes them good neighbors.Author: Ricardo Benguche – Jamaica

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