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De ce …Chromebook?

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Why Your Next Laptop Should Be a Chromebook?Googles Android OS can be seen in majority of the smartphones present in the market. However there is one product to which Android preferred to stay away from, that is the PC – most preferably a laptop today. For such products, the company pushed Chromebooks which use Chrome operating system. This OS depends on its web browser & only permits access to websites.However, Google is now taking some additional steps for making the Chromebook more interesting:To make Chromebook more adept, the company is taking advantage of latest processors which are more power-efficient & faster than previous ones.It is working along with Intel on the touch models which includes a keyboard that could be detached from main body, similar to Microsofts Surface.Also, Google is working with technicians to ensure that "Web apps" of Chrome could be utilized offline.They are trying to bring certain applications from Android to Chrome OS. This will allow Chromebooks to tap in almost 1.4 million Android applications.To tackle this, Windows has launched HPs Stream 11 laptop that prices $200, looks very similar to a Chromebook (also $200) that’s just about to launch. Author: Kapil

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