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De ce este fotbalul atat de agresiv?

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Euro Cup: Why is there so much violence from the fans?STAFF REPORT: There was a time in human history when sports were amateur and more of a pastime rather than anything else. There was also a time in human history when gladiators took the field against lions and slaves and only those survived who managed to kill all competition or at least subdue them harmless. Olympics were an ancient Roman pastime – an even that brought a nation together.Over the years we have seen a shift from a lot of violence to less violent sports. Boxing the amateur version at least has tried to tame itself down. There is the curios case of professional wrestling too – a sports that looks violent but is more glitz and glamor. Some of the spectator sports like cricket and tennis require considerable amount of discipline from the spectators. Same is the case with golf where only the elite get to see the action first hand.Football however has started and remained a different case. In the early 20th century as the world was evolving; football rose as a sport for the masses. It was daring, it was gung ho – 11 men in the form of two teams chasing a single leather ball. Unlike Rugby, football didn’t fully divulge into the physical aspect of the game. There was no tackling, no violence, no trying to kill each other on the field. The fans however, were always hard to control.In Britain, it was seen as the ying to cricket’s yang or vice versa if you may like to call it. While cricket was painted as the gentleman sport – football remained a cheap sport for the masses who could come in after a busy day at work, drink a pint and enjoy an outlet for their emotion. Shout, sing, chant, and let their opposition fans and players know what they really felt about them.Other than South America where football fields often witnessed fan violence – football in Europe sort of became civilized in the 90’s once Europe had some of its matters solved. The premier leagues of each country often see more attendance than international events and some local club matches are seen as premier events all over the globe. So why has this sport which almost became civil for spectators and almost saw a world cup in Germany which had a carnival like atmosphere become so violent all of a sudden?No matter which direction you point fingers and which set of fans you blame – fans need to realize that as people it is their duty to make this beautiful sport a spectacle. At the end of the day – it is a sport and sports should never give the look and feel of a war. Author: Zak Hades – Serbia  

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