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De ce suntem nebuni dupa obiecte de firme?

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Why we are crazy after brands?It is the time of Brands! Brands! Brands!Nowadays we all are conscious about brands and want to wear those brands which are renowned and liked by the elite class.Most of our people started using brands so to meet with the higher class and to look like them, the main reason that we all are crazy after brands is that they offer us the best product at the same price that we get locally from the market, so that’s why people prefer to buy from brands as they are more reliable and you don’t have any confusion in your mind that weather this product is long lasting or not.Below I will discuss some points which have made the person crazy after brands they are:Marketing:A few years ago we all were unaware of these brands like J. , Maria B, etc. but now we all are aware of these brands because of the marketing technique they use to attract their buyers.Focus on their values:We all started using brands as they focus on their values and doesn’t dissatisfy their customers for their product or their product quality.Best services: When we buy anything from the local market, they don’t provide, exchange service or return policy, we have to argue with them to return or exchange that product if we face any difficulty in using it. But brands have made life easier by providing us the exchange and return policy within the given time and we don’t have to argue to get the required product.Social media:Social media is the biggest source of awareness about brands, the more we are motivated towards media the more we are aware about the new and renowned brands.Brands have made life easier:Before brands we have to roam here and there in the market in search of stitched dresses which are reliable and are according to our needs and requirements, but now we can easily buy stitched clothes from these brands which are reliable and you can get the dress according to your need and budget.Social acceptance:As brands are becoming a status symbol that which type of brand a person is wearing and through that other people judge their social status, so to become socially acceptable in the society we all buy brands which are renowned.Confidence in experience:We all are afraid to buy a new product from the market and are not confident to experience it, but buying from a renowned brand we are confidence to experience their product and trust in them.Conclusion:We all think that we are crazy about brands, but in reality we want to upgrade our living standards by buying the best product from the brands as they are trustworthy and doesn’t disappoint their buyers.After reading this article I want to leave a question for the readers that;Do you buy a branded product for the satisfaction of your mind, or to be acceptable in the society?Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

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