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Eid inseamna a darui!

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I am sure all of you pretty much have Facebook account and you are pretty much familiar with the concept of ‘Happy page’ where posts say what happiness means to each and every single individual. Perception varies and may be that got the page running: but my definition says that happiness means sharing. My dad always used to say to me that ‘sharing doubles the joy of life’. And whenever I shared something the other party needed it always gave me immense pleasure.  I believe all of you know this: but this Eid I experienced something bigger about sharing!I belong to a club, North South Social Services Club, in my university that dedicated itself to social service and this Eid-Ul-Adha, just like the previous year, it had organized an event, called ‘Sponsoring an Eid’ where they donated food package (enough to feed a family) for the poor for Eid day. Of course it is the student and respected teachers who donated money to buy the food packages and with all due respect, I am touched how they did such a noble deed this Eid i.e. providing food resources to a family that do not have the money to celebrate this  auspicious day declared by the Almighty Allah. Nearby our university there was a slum that consists of 200 families and this Eid we lit some joy in their life by sharing the food packages with which they could celebrate the Eid. This event was definitely the highlight of my Eid when I saw the people’s faces light up with happiness with the food packages they got to cook for Eid.Moving from the highlights, I now describe how I celebrated my Eid. Eid is definitely about giving but my version of Eid something more i.e. togetherness. I have a huge family and saying huge, I mean it! We usually go to our village, a week before Eid, where my other four uncles with their families also visit. Its’ a whole family get together for a week where we all eat together on a huge table with all the fresh vegetables and fish caught from lakes. I eat so much that when I come back home and weigh myself  my weight machine shows I weigh at least two kilograms more. After your luxurious meals, we battle: but it’s not any ordinary battle you got to be fast ice cream eater because we keep having ice creams till we give up! And this is the game I never win! We chat, tell each other story, and enjoy the starry night singing and dancing together.All in all, the Eid day kind of goes slow gives there are so many preparations to be done. The ladies get busy cooking with the cow that has been slaughtered offering our sacrifice to the Almighty while the males attend guests and visits the neighbors wishing Eid to others. But the night feast of Eid day is just delicious with all the beefy-delights cooked by my mom and aunts! I enjoyed my Eid, hope you had fun too!Author: Mamata Bashar – Bangladesh  

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