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Elvetia/ Shopping in Zurich

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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. I personally believe Zurich is the cleanest and most magnificent city in the European continent. Actually there are no words to explain the beauty of this marvelous city. Sometimes you may think Zurich is not famous for shopping like Paris or Milan. But it has the reputation of a shopping city. Bahnhofstrasse is very popular not only in Zurich, but also around the world. It is one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the world. It’s very popular because of its luxury stores. It is dominated by large department stores and costly jewelry shops. Once it was named as the most expensive street for retail property in Europe. And also it is the third most expensive worldwide. Therefore if you visit Zurich, don’t miss this lovely street. Rennweg, Limmatquai and the pedestrian alleys of the Niederdorf in the Old Town are also famous for shopping. Markets are also available in Zurich. Bürkliplatz fills with numerous stalls during the weekly flea market on Saturdays from May to October. The city’s largest department store, Jelmoli (Seidengasse 1), stocks a wide range of men and women’s brands. An attractive food hall, restaurants, terraced bar and tea room are also available in this place. Many stores in the city are closed on Sundays. But the stores at Main Railway Station and Zurich Airport are open every day.Zurich is not just a city. It’s one of the nicest tourist destinations on earth. Each tourist likes to go shopping in Zurich as they can’t get that experience from any other place on earth.Author: Donum – Belarus

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