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Evolutia limbii

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The German language was always influenced by political time periods and new things, which were implemented into our daily life. Nowadays, feminism and emancipation rises more and more, which leads, the German language changes, in many different aspects and ways.By being gender correct, I mean the declaration off jobs for example. In the pot jobs were usually described in the mail form, except if it was a particularly female job for example kindergarten or. Nowadays there are kind of jobs have to be written down in both the male and female away, even if it’s a job like clerk, which only man work nearly.But gender correctness changed all writing style in other ways too. Simple phrases, and sayings, that were used to be normal, are now getting avoided, as its mail only, and not gender correct anymore. For many people this is the reason for anger and fear, about the German language. The German language mainly got its roots from the middle ages or writers already a hot few hundred years ago. Nowadays, there are terms and new writing style laws are not made up by long-term thinking, but draw the by quick political changes.But why did our language had to change? Why is it necessary, to write a job like cleaning woman in the mail form to, why is it necessary to write down job like construction worker and the female way to, if newly know female person could always like to do the job?In my opinion, there are new changes were mostly implemented, in order to subconsciously change what people think. Language is the most common way to communicate and share knowledge. If this thing changes, our mindset and our way of thinking changes as well. Something, that seems like some people would like to change.Author: Lukas – Austria

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