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Google introduce Android 3D!

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See how 3D Touch might possibly end-up functioning on the Android-NIn the most recent Android N Programmer Preview, there is the code which alludes to  3-D Touch-like characteristic launching on the Android devices. A programmer has tricked the feature, giving the users preview of what Google might be considering.Since there is no present Android gear featuring physical 3 Dimensional Touch abilities, the programmer required for mimicking the function usng swipe down & long presses onto the icon. In Google’s instruction manual, 3 Dimensional Touch is just helpful for the application icon only; or ‘launcher short cuts’ as framed by thje big G.So it does not look as if users of Android will get complete peek & pop feature, however a few popup widgets which show straightforward advice (such as sports scores/weather conditions) or short cuts to in app characteristics.For the time being, it’s a fantastic trailer of what the company may bring programmers. We will not get overly excited, until it’s official.Author: Kapil

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