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Hoteluri accesibile din Nairobi!

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A Choice of InexpensivenessOften, travellers who live on a lean budget want to enjoy the most of their trip, whether for work or for leisure, by saving the most on hotel bills. Getting a bit of classy comfort and an inexpensive place in Nairobi, Kenya may be quite a challenge. As reviewed by TripAdvisor travelers, such kinds of hotels in Nairobi include the Parkside Hotel. Two good things about the place: central location and cheap price. Its also pretty clean with welcoming staff.Following Parkside is Kahama Hotel, which has been described as "The best Budget hotel in Nairobi". It has nice rooms, good beds and all amenities needed for a nice good night’s sleep in Nairobi. It gives an overwhelming contrast to the other so-called cheap hotels.The Pride Inn Hotel presents a safe, quiet, comfortable and affordable place to stay with self-catering facilities.  Then there is the Silver Springs Hotel and the Heron Portico. The Heron Portico is quite clean, affordable and peaceful. If you want to stay a bit away from the busy downtown, the Heron Hotel has recently been refurbished and offers a good option for business and leisure travellers who prefer not to be in the middle of the action downtown Nairobi.Hotel Kipepeo offers safe, clean and excellent service – a great budget hotel. The staff members provide a very high level of service. Then there is the Woodmere Serviced Apartments. This offers a great choice of rooms at good prices for different budgets. It has nice pleasant grounds with a pool. The rooms are safe, comfortable and self-contained. Booking is also very easy. It has clean rooms, great serenity and is very convenient and safe. It has absolutely cozy beds and is affordable when on a tight budget.Delta Hotel offers a pleasant surprise. The hotel is very secure because it is just across from the police station! The Delta is a comfortable, attractive hotel at a budget price.  it has great accommodation to suit the needs of foreign tourists.The Nairobi Upper Hill Hotel has very clean rooms, good food and good staff. The rooms are spacious, airy and very clean and, most importantly, very affordable. Because it is small, the service is personalized. There is ample secure parking.Hotel Embassy is a safe hotel in the centre of Nairobi for arranging safaris. If you are on the budget and looking for a safe hotel in a good location, this is definitely a good deal for you. Finally we have Sentrim 680 Hotel, which is good for only business travellers looking for a budget hotel offers easy access to the restaurant to get a glass of water or a cup of coffee.Welcome to the inexpensive side of Nairobi!Author: Tubonemi – Nigeria 

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