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India si Pakistanul, intr-o cursa nucleara!

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Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is set to become the world’s third biggest. Two think tanks in Washington came up with a theory that left the entire Pakistan and the rest of the world startled. According to their theory, Pakistan is set to become the country that holds the world’s third biggest nuclear arsenal. The current number of warheads held by Pakistan is estimated around 120 warheads that are as big as the one launched on Hiroshima 70 years ago and caused total catastrophe. But in the next five to ten years, this number can increase to almost 320 warheads. This number would be more than those held by other powerful countries like France, China and UK. Currently, France has a total of 290, China has a total of 240 and the UK has a total of 190 nuclear warheads.The question is: what’s the limit? The biggest threat to Pakistan is its frenemy (friend and enemy both) neighbor India. How long will both these countries spend on nuclear assets and not fire even a single one? Firing of even a few nuclear warheads would only bring both of these countries down to rubble but the radiation and the radioactive dust would cause a global catastrophe. So, why spend money on all the nuclear assets that will never be used? Aren’t there more necessary things to spend money on? The answer is quite simple yet complicated too.Both the countries feel the need to dominate each other for the sake of their own safety, and while many people might think otherwise, it’s not completely wrong. India has been Pakistan’s arch nemesis ever since the sub-continent was divided into two and Pakistan and India were formed.  And Pakistan has been India’s to some degree but according to all events that have went down in the history of Pakistan, the biggest threat has been India and many strikes have initiated by India on Pakistan and its people. But with Pakistan’s ever expanding nuclear arsenal, India will have to think about it twice before initiating a major strike against Pakistan and its people. So, in order for India to succumb to Pakistan, Pakistan must have a huge nuclear arsenal that they will never use. This is how the politicians of Pakistan work. And not only Pakistan’s but India’s politicians too.While the cost decrease for warheads is not quite so spectacular, every added one costs much less than the first one once the equipment, administration, and human resources are all set. After scheduled measures are established, the system becomes somewhat self-sustaining. The urge to keep fabrication increases because the employment of tens of thousands now depends solely upon this so-called system. There is, of course, a fundamental divergence. The structure feeds on its own yield, and keeps intensifying and escalating into something bigger than before. Like Pakistan India also repudiates to set a higher perimeter on its weapon store. But why have they gone into unrestricted and interminable pursuit of superiority when both are weighed down with enormous proportions of problems of resource paucity and poverty?Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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