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As a consumer, sometimes we do not examine or listen origin of the products we consume, rather than want to import versatile products, we actually use the product that turns out to be made ​​of the brand and the country itself. Compiled from various hoarse, heres ten native to Indonesia that is often mistaken for the brand from overseas, we are finally proud as Indonesian products are not inferior to imported products. 1 LEA Although the name and logo zoom smelling America, but actually brand / brand is a product of Indonesia. Models and quality issues, no doubt. This brand is a product of export quality. So certainly never lose competitiveness and always stand at par with foreign brand jeans at any shopping center. 2 TOMKINS This brand offers a variety of sports shoes, football shoes, indoor soccer shoes, and other sports shoes. The size is also full of shoes from adult to children. You should not be surprised by the impression of a very foreign name. Tomkins truly is local products, native to Indonesia. 3 J.CO Donuts and Coffee In 2005, the first outlet of J.CO Donuts established in Supermall Karawaci. Since then J.CO continues to expand its business in various regions in Indonesia. By relying on donuts and coffee concoction of international quality, local company with an international flavor continues to grow. J.CO even have existed in various countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, China. The company is owned by Johhny Andrean. 4. Maspion Advertising Maspion famous phrase "Love Indonesian products !." Maspion is a local company that is known for products of electronic equipment ranging from household irons, blenders, fans to AC. Surabaya-based company started its business from 1960 with a focus on generating household appliances. 5. PolygonSurely you recognize this one bike brand. Ranging from mountain bikes, mini bikes, BMX bikes, folding bikes to have been issued by bicycle factory located in Sidoarjo, East Java. About the quality, you do not need to doubt. Many regular users to wear a bike fan community this local product. Apparently the owner of Polygon choose its business strategy by selling goods abroad prior to selling domestically, a little sad is the reason he took this tactic, which is apparently caused by the Indonesian people tend to be more confident with the product abroad than local products. 6. Polytron Maybe your home has a tv, radio tape or other electronic device brand Polytron air. But Im sure most of you do not know if it is the original product Indonesia. Companies that have factories in Kudus and Semarang is arguably already a guarantee of quality. Because since 1970 the company has made television and the quality is not inferior to the made ​​in Korea and Japan. 7 BYON Technological developments make our nation was not merely just be a spectator only. Byon trend was also present to enliven the portable computer or what we call the notebook. The price is cheaper, Byon product is not random. Rather have a fairly unique concept, the notebook can be upgraded like desktop computers. Byon prove that Indonesia is also able to make high-tech products. So do not be surprised if this product is cheap.8. CFC CFC (California Fried Chicken) has been known for its fried chicken taste delicious and savory. Did you know that this company is an Indonesian company. Indeed, the name of the company is very reflective of American States. But apparently pure products from Indonesia. CFC held pride lies in the characteristic taste is comparable to the American fried chicken. Initially, the company was named the California Pioneer Chicken. However, since 1988, its name was changed to California Fried Chicken until now. The restaurant is managed by PT Pioneerindo Gourmet Tbk was no business relationship at all with any foreign party or company. However, because choosing the name CFC where California is one of the states in the United States, the fast-food chicken is offered is perceived as a direct CFC with other fast-food products from the land of Uncle Sam who had already popular. Initial assumption was the same most people mention that the CFC is a franchise company from abroad. Fortunately CFC nice name coupled with the quality of fast food products the better it up to par with the international standard restaurant products. The name is familiar it proved effective to be brought to market so that the next trip there are many success stories are recorded CFC. Up to 29 years old in 2012 has more than 120 outlets spread across many cities in Indonesia. CFC requires no less than 30 to 40 tons of chicken meat every week. But if entering Christmas, and New Year it needs to increase to 40 to 50 tons per week. 9. EXCELSO One that we can see in addition to their packaged coffee products are Excelso Cafe. Most people would think that is a cafe Excelso abroad (may be America) is opening a branch in Indonesia. But who would have thought actually Excelso this is one of the subsidiaries of Ship Fire Group, which is well known by its brand Coffee Ship Fire. In operation since 1991 at Plaza Indonesia, cafe Excelso has been transformed into one of the iconic lifestyle in big cities in Indonesia. 10 Buccheri The products of Buccheri are Shoes and Leather Bags. Produced from 1980 through PT. Vigano Copyright prime. Many people do not think, that this is a brand made ​​by Ediansyah genuine product made ​​in Indonesia. The majority of leather shoes and handbags lovers think that Buccheri is made ​​in Italy.Author: Pieter Djatmiko – Croaţia

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