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The victory Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in the 2014 presidential election, which colored his refusal to recognize the results Prabowo it, inevitably become big news in the world media. The Associated Press noted that since direct presidential elections in Indonesia in 2004, "Jokowi is the first candidate who have no connection with the former dictator Suharto, who ruled for 30 years (more) before being ousted in 1998" Although Jokowi less experience in national politics, "he has built a reputation as an efficient leader and wants democratic reforms, and was elected to lead the capital in 2012, generally he is considered clean of the stain of military and business elite which controls Indonesia for decades," AP writes. News agencies from the United States also highlighted the attitude Prabowo and refused to recognize the results since it does a quick count by pollsters continue to claim that he was the one who wins. Rejection Prabowo majority supported this major parties "reflects the real attitude of the elite group who are not ready to lose," said the AP quoted the expert opinion of the political Maswadi Rauf of University of Indonesia. Maswadi adding he does not see any significant fraud during the presidential election as alleged by Prabowo. "We are still in transition to democracy, which is actually not our culture. What is happening now shows we still immature and still have to learn, "said Maswadi. Meanwhile, Reuters said Jokowi "the new face of Indonesian politics."  "When the furniture business owner Joko Jokowi Widodo swerved into politics nine years ago, he really unknown," began to Reuters. However, his image as a clean leader in the small town of Solo and his work for 1.5 years as Jakarta able to push it to the presidency. "He will be the first Indonesian leader who did not come from the political elite or the military," said the media. For many Indonesian people, Jokowi, 53 years, representing the new era to break the chain of the old elite in power since the fall of Suharto. "Jokowi is the first figure is purely off of Soeharto, while others grow from that era, including Prabowo," said political analyst Paul Rowland told Reuters. "He kind of politicians from different generations and now emerging market for politicians like him, a humble but can take care of the job." Reuters also reload an earlier interview with Jokowi, in which he insists will not be overshadowed by the Chairman of the PDIP Megawati Sukarnoputri as feared by many parties over the years.  In the interview, Jokowi said 80% of his cabinet members will be selected based on the competence or merit system, not the result of bargaining with other political parties. "I told that I have great respect for Megawati. But I tell him I will be very independent. If anyone called me a doll, its a big one," said Jokowi in mid-July interview. Writes BBC British news agency Jokowi victory has great significance for people of Indonesia, but the government will not be easy. "He allows us to say to our children: behold Jokowi, he used to sell furniture and most of the slum suburb. Now he became president. Now, everyone can be president, "said the BBC quoted a resident named Dharsono Hartono. "President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonos coalition controls a majority of 70% in parliament and it did not help him," wrote the BBC, related Jokowi coalition that is currently far less than the combined strength of political parties behind Prabowo. Author: Pieter Djatmiko – Indonesia

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