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Iran/ Publicul suparat ca intr-un serial se danseaza?!

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Many strict and backwards religious societies tend to have very strict guidelines and codes of conduct when it comes cultural expression, women dressing the way they want, singing, dancing and a lot more. Sadly, Islam is no exception. In fact, some strictly Muslim societies and countries highly frown upon things as simple as women wearing skirts that reveal their legs, women and men dancing together, singing at weddings or other events and much more.Recently, a new TV show in Iran has been making headlines and has faced lots of criticism from the strong-opinioned Muslim population. Based on the story of and titled after a young woman named “Shahrzad”, it’s not the show’s plot or the dress code of the characters that has got people talking but merely the show’s title track. The title track depicts a celebration, probably a wedding celebration, where woman sit around a table, sing and clap loudly while it is speculated that the liquid being served in glasses in supposed to be alcohol of some sort. Now, to all western cultures and almost all Islamic cultures, this nothing offensive and it happens in real wedding events also (except the free-flowing supposed alcohol), but not Iran!In Iran, people are infuriated how the censor board let the show be aired in spite of all the strict guidelines and code of conduct. The show actually is about a girl name Shahrzad who meets a young man after completing her education and falls in love with him, but tragedy ensues and she isn’t able to spend her life with the guy. To be honest, this is the most cliché and most overused movie and TV show plot in the entire human history. It’s only the small title track that has got people and religious cleric of the country infuriated. News channels and media corporations label the show as something that is challenging the strict societal norms.But is it, really? Just some jolly singing and dancing, what is the bad in that? Nothing that I can think of! There is no clue as to why loud celebrations and cultural expression is so frowned upon by strictly religious people, as if humans were born to be in restraints and never do anything that is normal human behavior. Is it not normal human behavior to enjoy and have fun at an auspicious occasion? Is it not human nature to sing and clap? Is it not human nature to meet new people and fall in love?This is something that completely obliterates common sense and goes beyond the ideals of simple logical thinking. But all this hype is only good for the show, presumably. As they say, when it comes to show business, there is no such thing as bad press. Due to people getting offended, the show is only being talked about more and more and will thus garner more and more ratings.Anyhow, may the show do extremely well and many more shows are made in Iran that “challenge” the “societal norms”. Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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