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Isteria Pokemon Go!

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Pokemon Go HysteriaIt’s everywhere. You love it, you hate it, whatever your feelings may be you have to admit it that the Pokemon Go app has made everybody lose their minds. Some people call these fans mindless zombies that go around stuck in their virtual worlds trying to catch Pikachu or Charizard, while others will say that they are people that have grown up with Pokemon and are just trying to live out through nostalgia.Some say they’re idiots while some say they’re just having fun. No matter your opinion on this subject you have to realize that, like in every other craze there’s extremists and there’s normal people. The normal people have started going on walks more often, they have started planning vacations; they have been doing what the app was created for.It’s basically at its core an exercise app. But on the other corner you have the extremists. These are the people that we’ll be focusing on. These are the ones you’ll find on news, these are the people that make people that haven’t played Pokemon Go not want to play it anymore. These are the people that would walk in front of the road, right in front of cars just to get a Snorlax. These are the kind of people that will run on top of each other and suffer serious injuries with a smile on their faces just for the sake of getting a pokemon. Literally, this week there was a woman that has dialed 911 because she was stuck in a tree. How did she happen to get in there? She was climbing up to get a pokemon. The policemen were laughing saying that before this they had to rescue cats out of trees, now they have to rescue pokemons out of trees along with the person chasing them.It’s really gotten to the point where all that people talk about anymore is the extremists. Pokemon Go is an exercising app that has managed to combine the nostalgia of the past and the popularity of the modern world all in the same game, and for that it deserves some credit.  Author: Radu Ivanovici

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