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Istoria Eurovizionului!

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The idea comes from the Eurovision contest Bezencon Marcel, the director of a TV station in Switzerland in the 1950s. The origin of the Eurovision contest came from San Remo Festival, the annual song festival in Italy that was already there. In 1955, Marcel Bezencon have an idea to make the song contest between countries and broadcast in all member states. The first contest was held in Lugano, Switzerland on May 24, 1956. Countries that participated in the first contest last 7 countries. At that time, each state sends two songs, so there are 14 songs that competed in the first Eurovision contest.Existing legislation in the contest Eurovision has been changing since tens of years ago. In the first contest, each state sends two songs for the race, then changed to one song per country. Other changes include the duration of the song and the voting system. Initially, the duration of the song for the contest was 3.5 seconds, and because there are songs whose duration is 5 minutes, so the rules of the duration of the song was changed to 3 minutes. Voting systems are constantly changing with the times. Once voting is done by someone representing the country entered the contest. Now, voting is done by telephone and SMS. There is also the Internet voting, but still rare.Author: Pieter Djatmiko – Indonesia

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