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Jocurile Olimpice aproape au inceput!

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JAMAICA:Good Day My fellow readers!! How you all are, are you ready for the Olympics? I know I am, I’m to see Jamaica in action !! The much-loved Jamaican team departed their pre-Olympic camp for the athletes’ village yesterday with a rousing send-off from staff members of the Linx Hotel and under the watchful eyes of a searching media that go into a frenzy with the slightest glimpse of Usain Bolt.Jamaica’s athletics team leader Ludlow Watts had high praises for the hosts of their 11-day training camp at both the Linx Hotel and CEFAN Naval Base.“Camp was excellent. The accommodation at the Linx Hotel was excellent. The meal plan funded by GraceKennedy was excellent. The chef did a wonderful job. At the training venue the facility was excellent. The gyms, the running track, and all the supporting personnel by the army have been very good,” Watts pointed out.“So I would say it’s an excellent camp and it provided an avenue for us to do well,” he added.The Jamaicans have resided at the Linx Hotel since their training camp started on July 24, and they will be sorely missed by the fans, and certainly the media.The various media houses camped outside the hotel parameters every day from dusk ‘til dawn, just to get a picture or video clip of anything Bolt. For the paparazzi, no one else existed but the greatest sprinter of all time — Bolt. Such is the popularity of Bolt, that the other Jamaican superstars were barely acknowledged.For days they begged and pleaded to get interviews with Bolt, and all hell broke loose when approximately one hour before the team departed, Bolt’s manager, Nugent Walker, granted their wishes.“Hey, hey, hey,” said Bolt defensively, as a throng of media personnel rushed at him. But, once again, the security got busy and restrained the media as Walker coordinated the interviews. The majority of the Jamaican team and their luggage in the lobby remained anonymous.The world’s greatest sprinter then wrapped up his interviews then returned from his room with a video camera recording anything in front of him as they moved towards the buses.The vibe in the camp is high and Technical Director Maurice Wilson believes the camaraderie built will enhance Jamaica’s medal haul.“I think that we would love to at least equal and then supersede what we did the last time around,” said Wilson of Jamaica’s 12-medal haul at the 2012 London Olympics.However, Wilson could not put a finger on the number of medals he expects.“It is kinda difficult to say, because this is one year in which persons have been very careful in their preparations, so they are not out on the circuit as they would have been doing,” he noted.Like Watts it is hard to say how many medals we will rack up, many a lot, maybe a little, but regardless, I will support my country with all my heart and soul, and so should youAuthor: Ricardo – Jamaica

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