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Livestream pe Twitter?

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Twitter to Launch a Dedicated ‘Periscope’ Key for Android to Initiate LivestreamsTwitter in Android devices is starting to get similar to Periscope. A few users are noticing a dedicated key in order to begin live broadcasts that can fit well with the streams that play in the user’s timeline.It is just for Android & is being tested by a tiny group of people — however it can be an excellent way for getting people streaming more. You can find the ‘live’ key inside the media file section that begins a stream thru Periscope as you tweet. In case you do not have the Periscope app on your smart phone device, Twitter re-directs you towards the Google Play Store to install it.It is a great move by Twitter who’ve kept the streaming app fairly independent after obtaining it the previous year. It is not yet clear whether this is steady killing of their brand, or simply Twitter wants to make good on their promise & feature additional content in real time in the user’s feed.Author: Kapil

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