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Malala, Nobel pentru Pace in lume

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She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize last year and for this year she has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala Yousufzai from Pakistan, at the age of seventeen, has become the youngest person ever to have won the Nobel Peace Prize.  The seventeen year old is a girls’ rights activist who is known for her remarkable work all across the globe. What many don’t know, Yousufzai started her quest for change by writing blogs online under a pen name. Her blogs became famous and she was discovered by the media, she appeared on many nationwide television shows, spoke of how she wanted to empower education for little girls and how Pakistan and many other countries lacked the impulse.One day when she was returning from her school, two Taliban stepped in to the bust and asked her if she was Malala Yousufzai, at answering with a “Yes” Malala was shot in the face and left there to die. She was immediately taken to a hospital where her condition was very critical. In her dire and critical situation, she was flown overseas for medical treatments and soon she recovered and took over the world.She has now become the youngest person in the world and the second person in Pakistan to win this award. Along with Malala, the award was given to Kailash Satyarthi, a human rights activist who is an Indian and his work is mostly based in India. Despite her unwavering success and her powerful motto behind everything she does, Malala has been turned into a polarized figure by some proportion of the Pakistani public who hold conservative views against the young activist.Many believe Malala to be one of those famous people who talk a lot but do nothing. They say it was a cowardly thing to do or her to reside in Birmingham, England after she got shot. Allegations are passed over Malala whenever she is in the highlights. Malala, however, strives to be the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner to date and embarks upon her remarkable work as she always did after her recovery.Recently, actress Reese Witherspoon spoke about Malala Yousufzai and how she and her daughter had dinner with her. The Oscar winning actress said that Malala was, in many ways, like just a normal teenager and what she is doing is remarkable at one age. She spoke about how her daughter Ava looks up to Malala in particular and loves her.Witherspoon quoted Malala’s words about when she heard that she had won the Nobel peace prize. Malala was in her Chemistry class when the news came to her and this was her response, as quoted by Witherspoon:  “Oh thats wonderful. Okay I need to finish my class work.” This shows what a dedicated and avid learner Malala is and how she values her education on top of everything else. At the age of seventeen, Malala has accomplished what many won’t do in their entire lifetimes. She continues to strive, writhe and struggle for female education empowerment.Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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